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10 Top franchise business in the Philippines Secrets You Never Knew

June 4, 2018
Top franchise business in the Philippines Secrets You Never Knew

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In recently the Philippines is the most successful franchise business place. Here are many entrepreneurs’ wants to start a profitable franchise business. So we try to discuss top franchise business in the Philippines. Every entrepreneur in the Philippines like this franchise business ideas because they are creative. We discuss details about Water Refilling Station, Food Kiosk, Coffee Stand, Fast Food Restaurant, Salon, Laundromat, Shoe Repair, Car Wash and Pharmacy franchise business ideas with cost.

List of 10 Top franchise business in the Philippines Secrets You Never Knew


Water Refilling Station franchise business

Water Refilling Station

#1.Water Refilling Station franchise business

  • Franchise fee: (Php 100,000 – Php 1,20,000)

Without a doubt one of the businesses with excellent present and a great future is the sale of Purified water, In this niche of business, the main protagonists for many years have been the large bottling companies, however from a time here high Prices of these products have given way to the birth of small companies that offer products of similar quality at a very low price. You can also start in this business and get your slice of profits from this huge cake. How profitable is the sale of purified water? Purified water is a product of First necessity, essential in every home, office, business, and workshop of our country and the world. Given the high demand and the increasingly high prices of a product of this nature, the sale of purified water has become an excellent business.


Food Kiosk franchise business

Food Kiosk

#2. Food Kiosk  franchise business

  • Franchise fee: (Php 20,000 – Php 30,000)

The Kiosk has put into operation a new business model to offer more possibilities to entrepreneurs and investors who want to be part of the company when it comes to taking the step. With this new model, you can open a franchise for € 40,000. This new system is based on the food truck gastronomic trend. The brand of the restaurant industry will market this new model also as a franchise and to develop it, the brand has invested in the adaptation of the historic prototype HY Van de Citroen, the vehicle of the 40s with the aim of promoting self-employment. Including the vintage aesthetic of the brand, with a new kitchen fully equipped to prepare the dishes of the gastronomic offer at the moment.


#Top franchise business in the Philippines video Tutorial


It will also include the takeaway system, thanks to which customers can take the dishes home, such as hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken and a selection of homemade cakes. The new initiative of El Kiosko emerges to respond to the demand for entrepreneurial needs of a profile focused on self-employment, and through this format allows to install a franchise by investing € 40,000, in a project in which costs have been minimized. maximum, guaranteeing the profitability index obtained with the original model. This new business unit will be released soon in the Madrid city of Las Rozas. In addition to this new business model, El Kiosko continues to market its traditional franchise format, where the investment amounts to € 135,000 for premises of at least 80 square meters in towns with 50,000 inhabitants.


Coffee Stand franchise business

Coffee Stand

#3. Coffee Stand  franchise business

  • Franchise fee: (Php 1,00,000 – Php 1,10,000)

The franchises have triumphed in the cafeterias sector. The Coffee Shops are establishments specialized in coffee, although complemented with other product ranges. With focused decorations, high rotation and based on a product with very high margin (90%). They are sophisticated locals and specialists who respond to the demand of a consumer who flees from the traditional bar to a well-cared establishment with a good product. The environment, decoration and business focus are an essential part of this profitable business format. They move high turnover volumes through low average tickets, high margins and not very large staff teams (inside the restaurant) thanks to having no kitchen. They usually combine products to eat, although it is not their base.


Fast Food Restaurant franchise business

Fast Food Restaurant

#4. Fast Food Restaurant  franchise business

  • Franchise fee: (Php 3,00,000 – Php 3,50,000)

The key to this business is to provide quality products with a specialized focus on differentiation. The aim of our project is to create a fast food restaurant “Fast Food” S.R.L in the district of Villa El Salvador, a place that we have chosen because of its high number of visitors since it is a central place. Our Fast Food project will be differentiated from the competition by our philosophy of having “a specialized attention through a constant service to each client, always seeking to satisfy every need that is available at the moment of being in our restaurant”.

Salon franchise business


#5. Salon  franchise business

  • Franchise fee: (Php 2,50,000 – Php 3,00,000)

Salon Franchise business is the most favorite in the Philippines. It is the low-cost business ideas. Every people want to start a low-cost business so it is the best Salon Franchise business ideas in the Philippines. Know more Profitable Salon business ideas read this article.


Laundromat franchise business


#6. Laundromat  franchise business

  • Franchise fee: (Php 2,50,000 – Php 3,00,000)

Laundromat business is the Top franchise business in the Philippines. It is the low-cost business ideas in Philippine.


Shoe Repair franchise business

Shoe Repair

#7. Shoe Repair  franchise business

  • Franchise fee: (Php 4,00,000 – Php 4,50,000)

Shoe Repair franchise business ideas cost fee: Php 400,000. Shoe Repair franchise business is the best profitable business ideas in Philippine and also low-cost business ideas.


Car Wash franchise business

Car Wash

#8. Car Wash  franchise business

  • Franchise fee: (Php 2,50,000 – Php 3,00,000)

Car Wash franchise business is the best profitable and Top franchise business in the Philippines. Car wash business ideas in Philippine and also low-cost business ideas. These business ideas cost Franchise fee: Php 250,000.


Pharmacy franchise business


#9. Pharmacy  franchise business

  • Franchise fee: (Php 99,000 – Php 400,000)

Pharmacy franchise business is the Top franchise business in the Philippines. It is the low-cost and high profitable business ideas in Philippine.

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