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100 Best Profitable Small Business ideas in Canada for Beginner

Did you know that Canada is one of the countries with the highest quality of life in the world and has many facilities to undertake? If you have been thinking of taking your business to the American continent, working in Canada undoubtedly has the attraction and the potential to make it grow. Then you can read the articles Small Business ideas in Canada and start a business in Canada.

The North American giant is open to innovations and foreign investment. Take note of the conditions offered by the country to start your business. Canada is one of the countries with the best quality of life in the world, with human talent willing to work and an official information bank that will guide you easily throughout the process.

List of 100 Best Profitable Small Business ideas in Canada for Beginner


#1. Educational reinforcements Business in Canada

It would consist in applying the e-learning to the reinforcement classes for children who need a push and for the parents who want to work with them. The turn of the screw is to design a tracking system to guarantee parents that times are met, that an evolution takes place. A starting point? It can be raised now as reinforcement for children who start in bilingual schools and parents who do not master languages.

#2. Online store for Spaniards Around the World

If we pay attention to the television programs of Spanish exiles around the world (from Madrid, Extremadura, Aragon, Castile-La Mancha …) there seems to be a demand for Spanish products abroad … by Spaniards. The idea that we propose is summarized in finding distributors of these products in the countries of residence (especially food, but without ruling out other products) and facilitate their online purchase to the Canadian (for that of avoiding customs). You can categorize the products as follows.

#3. Cruelty-free fashion with Animals

Neither wool, nor down, nor leather, nor silk, nor any type of animal skin. Vaulter Couture sells fashion garments – the coats are its flagship – 100% vegan (using organic fiber and recycled fiber, from plastic bottles rescued from Italian rivers to cotton left over from the production lines of large companies in the retail sector) locally (in his case in New York, for the American public, and in Toronto, for the Canadian). It is the best Small Business ideas in Canada.

#4. Regional innovation consulting Business 

One of the ways out of many SMEs in times of crisis is to refocus their business and develop new products. It makes sense to launch regional consultancies specialized in new product design (everything that has to do with industrial design, market studies) or international marketing and that focus on businesses and traditional sectors. Think of companies with 20 workers who have gone to sell the farthest to Portugal and who do not have access to the large companies in this sector and the companies that are targeting large companies. It is the best Small Business ideas in Canada.

3D technology consulting business
3D technology consulting

#5. 3D technology consulting Business in Canada

In the US, there are companies that have launched education and awareness campaigns in companies, schools, and institutions to convey the advantages and virtues of remote manufacturing, with specialized advice. A way to generate potential customers.

#6. Quality freelance in other Languages

Currently, there are more than 20 million self-employed workers within the framework of the European Union. We are always talking about the possibility of internationalizing SMEs, but can we also internationalize the services of foreign freelance workers at a distance? It occurs to us that yes and that, in addition, it can be business for many companies. In the same way, Spanish freelance professionals can be offered in other markets.

The idea is that none of them have to move from their country. Do you need a frontline innovation expert? You can use one from Denmark, which works warm from home. You can raise it from the point of view of the delicatessen talent scout, half consultancy, international middle manager.

#7. Manage Employee Exchange

Talking with the founders of Touch Consultation the term ‘secondment’ came to light, which we did not know. And, of course, they explained it to us: it is about managing the exchange of employees between companies from different sectors, although complementary: “It would be possible for an employee of an insurer to be collaborating for a time in a law firm, of the which the insurer is a client,

and at the same time the lawyers of the firm in question will collaborate with the insurer, in such a way that both parties acquire a greater and more exhaustive knowledge of the philosophy and way of working of each one, and of the sector in the one that the client carries out his activity, which derives in greater capacity to anticipate and identify the problems and the needs of each one “. Manage employee exchange is the most successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

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#8. Sports photo for parents and families

Youth Territorial League, Regional Youth League, National Youth League, municipal leagues … every weekend amateur football stadiums throughout Spain are filled with soccer fans under 18 years. And who says football, says basketball and handball. The business is that these athletes have parents, parents who happen to like to see their children on video as if they were football stars.

We propose that you cover these sporting events from a parodistic point of view and create DVDs and exclusive photographs of all the players and then offer them to the parents. The business is that he will not become a professional athlete or 5% of the fans and that parents miss their children, so young, they become stars. It is another way to enter the gift market.

#9. Logistic solutions at odd hours

Now that logistics operators such as a Makers or Bird have emerged, offering deliveries at home until 10 o’clock at night – with a new after work strip that allows customers to be at home when the package arrives and they do not have to embarrass themselves by doing they send it to you to work-, you need service providers that offer this type of schedule throughout the national territory.

If this is not an idea for self-employed professionals … Above all, if we take into account that micro-enterprises represent 96.1% of the companies in the sector. It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

#10. Medical tourism platforms

Cosmetic surgery, bariatric surgery, fertility treatments, dental. Budapest, Barcelona, Buenos Aires … there is already enough supply to organize it in one place and charge for services. Does it make sense to derive traffic and charge commissions? And what do you think of creating a network of trust: with an international quality seal?

#11. Other traumatic cleanings Business in Canada

There are already companies such as Traumatic Cleaning or Biotrauma, both Spanish, which are dedicated to providing cleaning and decontamination services for homes, businesses or any other place where there have been unattended deaths, blood accidents, murders, homicides or Diogenes syndrome. And frankly dirty houses without murders after a party? Ovens with new species of bacteria? Cabins of sex shops?

#12. Common medical nomenclature

Hey? No, we have not gone crazy. It turns out that there is a gap in this market. There is room for a consultancy that works together with hospital documentation to support them in normalizing the codes they handle on a daily basis. It is one of the best Small Business ideas in Canada.

#13. A rusticate of tattooists

Oh, we do not propose to set up a franchise but a network with a seal of quality guarantee. A Rusticate of tattooists is the best and successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

#14. Health law in the provinces

Develop law offices in some autonomous communities where you miss this service and where you are not interested in reaching (for costs and time) the offices of Toronto in Canada. What does an office of this type cover? Legal advice and training in the field of health law, pharmaceutical law and bioethics (civil and criminal liability of the health professional, pharmacy and drug problems, clinical documentation and health data protection, biomedical research, use of biological samples and data protection personal health). And this without entering into the development of telemedicine yet.

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#15. Export product packs

A good idea now to sell food outside of Spain is to do it through a consortium of food producers, wherein the same catalog there are different products from a specific geographical area (is it an outlet for traditional/rural businesses)? Within the pack can even wine and oil, which have it more complicated.

#16. Telecare consulting for hospitals

80% of the cost of health comes from the chronically ill. It would be a question of facilitating socio-health care for the chronically ill, mainly at home: telemonitoring, support for personal health management, etc. It is not about you getting involved in developing new technology, but about taking what already works in the market. It is not so much a technological problem, as of implementation: to see together with the health organizations what can bring them value.

It is a sector little developed technologically and with the technology that has already been developed for other sectors, there is enough. It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

#17. Technology consultancy for dealers

According to a recent report by the National Telecommunications Observatory (ONTSI) on business opportunities in technology and B2B services in different sectors, “the use of social media is perceived as a competitive advantage that is beginning to bear fruit. Using tools of this type, not only can you know in detail the opinions of the client, but also convert the client into a prescriber of the concessionaire.

They are also perceived as an opportunity to track the competition. “Come on, what happens as what the founders of Tucho Consulting told us about the legal sector and the application of new technologies to attract and retain customers. But there is more. Cloud computing would help reduce roles in dealerships and workshops.

The idea would be to advise and integrate technology solutions for different business areas of a concessionaire: marketing, business management. We are talking about a sector of more than 69,000 companies, 92% of them micro-SMEs.

#18. Mystery shopping for senior executives

Companies like Grefusa infiltrate managers in the distribution chain to have a first-hand commercial feeling. Not all companies know how to do it well … especially since they have never done it before. This sector can be reoriented for executives and SMEs. It would be a marketing-sales consultancy to design integration plans.

#19. International commercial action

There are companies of sales forces to sell in Spain, but to sell Spanish products outside of Spain? What kind of services would you have to offer? Especially, external commercials with international experience (this is the most important part), which you can also complete with training and commercial selection, sales planning, consulting, tutorials, among others. It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

#20. Funeral for animals

There are companies that have already dared with this idea, and that could well be transferred to any location: animal incineration (including home collection) and home euthanasia practiced by veterinarians. Right now, more than 11.5 million Spaniards have a pet.

#21. Hyperlocal news

It is one of the few trends that have not reached Spanish journalism: local online journalism but made by journalists. In the United States, there are online newspapers, like Patch.com, of neighborhoods within districts, within cities, within counties, within States … It can be offered as local online editions for newspapers that do not have the staff or the will to cover this journalism.

#22. Online reputation by sector

There is a company that specializes in an online analysis that allows hotels (it is designed exclusively for this sector) to monitor, organizes and manage effectively what consumers are saying about their accommodation on the Internet. Since they have focused and want to focus only on this sector … why not do the same with others? What do you think about the restoration sector? And the business schools? And the private universities?

#23. Management of defaulters

We used to talk about cost management with a view to saving, which has become one of the main obsessions on the part of companies. Well, something similar happens with the management of bad debts, which are putting many companies on the ropes. It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

#24. Food biotechnology

For the moment, a still small percentage of biotechnology companies have touched functional food and most of the businesses that have entered have done so in the form of projects for large companies and have focused on food safety projects (detection of microorganisms). We always think about working for large companies, but it occurs to us that you set up a line of food for the elderly in residences.

We suggest you think of a company dedicated to the intelligent processing of food for niches and that you even consider the possibility of developing a brand. It is about what you specialize in certain population groups: for example, geriatric food, pregnant women, disabled, among others.

#25. Leisure experiences for other audiences

The business idea is simple: apply the SmartBox concept to niches like children (think of the gifts that parents have to do in groups on the birthdays of their children’s schoolmates, for example) or the newlyweds or the elderly (who have different delicacies tastes).

#26. Bioproducts to sell abroad

It is expected that the sale of bioproducts (organic and functional foods) will grow considerably in developed countries. Through the Internet (it fits by price and by size and by market) you can offer Spanish bioproducts (already on the market) in any country. It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

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#27. Receptive tourism platform

“There is work to be done in the tourism sector, which is receptive to tourism. There is a clear need. Mount agencies to attract tourists, not to send. There are many small businesses that need a tool to move their product forward. It is an abandoned sector. It is run by four companies that sell jack, horse, and king. We do not enter because of lack of time. It is a space that can work very well, “explained Jon Arriaga, co-founder of DitGestión, a franchise dedicated to setting up independent online and physical travel agencies.

#28. Training for care for the elderly

We are not going to insist now on how many Spaniards are already part of the elderly or how many people are close to joining that group of the population, nor are we going to talk about the eternal potential of the dependency law, whose aid is not they finish arriving. What the experts with whom we have spoken have highlighted us is the lack of training of the people who provide these services.

Of course, there are exceptions, but there is a lack of clear preparation in this sector that tends towards the homologation of professionals.

#29. Distributed urban residences

We propose you to reconsider the concept of residences: a network of apartments scattered around the center of the cities, in the style of high-end guest chains, only dealing with dependent elderly people. With all the services of a residence, only customized for 3-4 clients per mini-residence within a chain.

#30. Rental of barrels

It is clear that not all mortals can afford to be the proud owners of a fantastic vineyard in Burgos (to give an example), but what if they rent us a year a barrel or a few hectares within that fantastic vineyard? Can you count on some bottles with your name? Can you visit your vineyard …? This idea can enter the gift market (or are not you already fed up with gift-giving to the wine-lovers, droppers, thermometers and aromas books …?), Yes).

#31. Sectoral management software Business in Canada

For example? Software to manage laboratories. What kind of products do you need? Share documents, manage resources (machines that need a lot of capacity and if they are in the cloud, better than better), manage inventory … Adapt existing technology, you say. And then we will answer: Do you know Quolaw (is an Argentine company) that has developed a software to keep accounting for law firms?

He has bought vLex (it’s a Spanish company). It helps you track (tracking) hours and helps you with billing. He put us on the trail of this niche software business idea Luis Gosálbez, CEO of Terminus and de Metricon.

#32. Artificial Intelligence for the legal sector

Technology and Law have a lot of fields. Even more so in Spain, that we are in the mantillas (think, for example, of the controversy surrounding Lexnet, a success for the Ministry of Justice, a nightmare for lawyers, prosecutors, etc. who have permanent complaints about the quality and design of the service. ) One of the clearest links is related to productivity since there are essential tasks in the lawyer’s work but they are time-consuming, and their importance lies in the result, not in the process of searching for information.

I explain The search for jurisprudence, similar cases, with rulings in favor and against the defended theses, for example, and that is something very relevant, especially in the English-speaking legal context (USA and United Kingdom). Searching involves many hours, which are, or should be, “no billable hours” for the client. From the search, the lawyer has valuable information. So for a few years, the field of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is important for the legal sector. A “robot” can do those searches better than a human.

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Web development by niches
web development

#33. Web development by niches

Above all development of e-commerce projects, but also of tourism promotion. Where to start? Agri-food sector and rural areas, for example. It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

#34. Update of the leisure offer in residences

How heavy with the residences! You are right. And we talk about updating the leisure offer in the broadest sense of the word: from touch screens with content, jukebox type, to a theatrical offer. Check the current catalogs and find out what is missing and what they would value. Think also of a progressive change of generation and do not rule out the possibility of introducing simple technology.

#35. And update on the offer of children’s leisure

Here the proposal is simple to transfer the programs of promotion of public reading to children’s parties. It is an idea to replace the ballparks. It occurs to us that you are inspired by foreign businesses.

#36. Marketplaces for third parties

Here the idea has been given by the logistics company DHL. It turns out that this company is dedicated to carrying goods from one point to another. It also turns out that many of these goods that move from one point to another are products that have been acquired through electronic commerce. It turns out that many of the manufacturers and distributors of these products are DHL customers to move the goods before selling them.

It turns out that it is increasingly expensive to store products. And it turns out that logistics is, together with suppliers and digital marketing, one of the keys to electronic commerce. Well, DHL has thought: and why not build a marketplace where you sell these products, which move from one place to another, before putting them on sale in an online store? Why do not we open a new online sales channel? And why do not we launch it in Germany, where electronic commerce is well greased?

Of course, we see this and we think that there are many other companies that could be doing it, that are not experts in electronic commerce, that are in complementary businesses (media, for example) and those that may interest them to help them develop a platform of this type. It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

#37. High-level senior consultant

One of the consequences of the recent crisis was the departure of professionals from the company level ahead of time (mostly in the form of early retirement). These are professionals with an average of 60 years, with contacts, with knowledge of the sector … What do we propose? A consultancy formed by these professionals, in the style of Secret, only that charging. And instead of helping start-ups, address multinationals with problems.

#38. Store for teen rockers

The grace of this business is not in the products themselves, but in the way of selling them, in the models that are chosen, in their stock and in not generating it.

#39. Reputation management at the university

According to the experts, it will be necessary to provide indicators of teacher quality in Spanish, public and private universities. For example? How long it takes, on average, to finish a race; or what is the rate of students who drop out in the first career courses; or how many students chose that degree in the first option; or the labor insertion rate.

We had proposed to you to develop a marketing company focused on the university terrain, but we also think about making this idea more sophisticated and turn your company into a reputation management consultancy for an offline university and also online (to attract students, finance in the case of private).

#40. Jewish tourism

The idea has given us a project of the City of Murcia: catering courses for Jewish tourists (kosher style) . Did you know that one of the most important kosher wines in the world is manufactured in Catalonia? More and more liters are requested and it seems that there is a Jewish consumer. It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

#41. Rent of butlers for a day

Come on, do not tell us that there are no occasions when you get too lazy to iron, to do the laundry, to clean the house, to receive the guests or the family at a party, Or in which you would like to have professional service staff not out of the shadow economy. The proposal would be focused on a foreign public of high purchasing power that, for example, comes to live in Spain. It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

#42. Clean solar installations

There are difficulties to find companies dedicated to the cleaning of solar panels, and it turns out that with water and with the usual cleaning products remain remains that reduce the efficiency of the facilities. The performance (and its retribution) is conditioned by the weather and other factors, including cleaning. Thus, for better cleaning, more performance of the plates … and, if we do not go wrong, more retribution.

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Solar security business
Solar security

#43. Solar security

And they not only need cleaning, according to the experts we have consulted but also in many cases security. For what? To protect solar panels and generators. It turns out that there is a long list of complaints of theft. And there are American and European products already on the market to protect them, in the style of Gridlocksolar.com. You can pose this business as regional solar security consultants. It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

#43. Commercial development of new B2B solutions

For example? For example, Datadog, focused on code programmers who want to analyze all the information generated by their applications, servers, services in the cloud and cross metrics; o Kaggle, a community of data analysts at the service of any company; o Continuity, specialized in the design of data analysis applications for third parties, or as Ginger.io, which focuses on the analysis of data in the health market.

#44. Develop baby shower parties in Canada

Just as there are bachelor parties and married, in the US there is a long tradition of farewells of a mother when a baby is going to be born (it is true that we have communions, and they do not, but that is another story). It’s a party with gifts, neither more nor less. The consumers of high purchasing power organize them as if it were a wedding, with catering, shows. Why not try to introduce this idea? Start with this same type of audience.

#45. Meetic … but for hobbies

We all know portals like Meetic. Imagine a portal of this type of premium and niche: mountain, sport, travel, gardening. It can give the game (man, gardening what is said gardening we do not know if there is a lot of hobby in Spain, but other hobbies ). It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

#46. Historical gastronomy

A restaurant in London has the idea of recovering, as a one-day experiment, the typical dishes of the early twentieth century, more specifically the type of food that could be consumed in wartime. It turns out that it had reasonable success and has spread. The truth is that beyond curiosity, it is not that it was a feast for the senses, but it occurs to us that it may be interesting to recover dishes from the Golden Age, the French Revolution, the Italy of the Medici … the best through gastronomic festivals.

Postpartum gyms business
Postpartum gyms

#47. Postpartum gyms

The gym may sound like a lot of investment, but what about specialized personal trainers at home or renting a space in the gym that gets you closer to your mother that you want to get fit? The idea was given to us by the American company Mommy’s body. It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

#48. The ‘sloppy’ shop

Sale of online tools, but not any form. It would not be a question of setting up a hardware store on the Web, which already exists and works, but of selecting a product of a specific brand and becoming an online sales-dealer-dealer. Look for clearly identifiable products by brand and model, not perishable, with a price around 150 euros. When selecting products, you can opt for several brands.

We must also see what conditions they offer: if we have to keep stock (which modifies the investment) or not; the margin that they offer us; the service that we guarantee. It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

#49. Historical advice for cinema and television

Think of the international market, do not stay only in the national market. More than one producer would appreciate someone helping them to avoid errors of historical documentation: for example, that in a chapter set in 1493 a cathedral looks beautiful that was finished in 1838, more than three centuries later, as it happened recently with a popular series of Spanish television.

This type of consultancy can leave universities of different countries part-time and coordinate through a company (a kind of representation of advisers).

#50. Video games based on Spanish letters

Do you need more explanation? A century of the lights. Search a genre 100% Spanish, looking for adventures, realistic, and replicates successes like video games of the West … Palatial intrigues? Lazarillos with bad milk? We had previously proposed to you in the magazine to resort to the historical Spanish past (intrigues in the days of Goya, Colon ).

#51. Hospital for toys

A craft workshop to recover broken toys not so much for children as for the elderly who now keep their toys and buy other old ones moved by nostalgia. Pick up, for example, at home. You can round it up with the sale of antique collector’s toys (without having a large catalog, but selecting, perhaps, two or three references difficult to find in the market). It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

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#52. Online store of large sizes

Or disproportionate clothing: small or big feet, hats for big heads.  Internet replicates the real world and just as large sizes are left out of the real world, they also do so on the Internet. If we believe it, several studies suggest that only one in three Spaniards (36%) enjoy an adequate weight, while 39% hide a few (extra) kilos and another 15% suffer from obesity … Go, which is clearly a niche with potential. The idea is not new, but the market does not offer much variety.

#53. Clothing adapted to chronic diseases

We have met an American entrepreneur who designs clothes for people who are sick and need their clothes to have a series of characteristics to make their lives easier. From being able to unzip in different places, to make room in an elegant way to a probe …

#54. Tailors with a collection of clothes at home

It is a business that can be sophisticated giving it a twist: collection and patronage at home, for example. It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

#55. Second opportunities for health technology

If we start from the basis that an electro-medical device is considered obsolete after eight years of life, can alternative solutions be found to take advantage of this technology and achieve an advantage of resources? In the opinion of the Canadian Society of Electromedicine and Clinical Engineering (CEEIC), yes, “since an infinity of electromedical equipment and systems that can be discharged in a specific service of a hospital can be used for another department, for another national center and, even, for an international one, optimizing the use of the own resources “.

What do they mean by taking advantage (from a business point of view)? “To improve the traceability, the use of the systems, component materials (electronic, mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, etc.) of the huge health technology that is discarded in more than 800 hospitals and health centers in Spain and that should be reused and centralized in warehouses of technological obsolescence in the health system “, suggests this society.

#56. Integration of InGame Advertising

The sales of products in Asia through video game consoles was growing, that e-commerce was finding in that platform a new sales channel. There are businesses, like the Australian Pinion or the Canadian RapidFire, which already work in-game advertising and have developed their own technology to improve advertising campaigns in this format. And if the technology that already exists does not convince you, you have the same idea to do it better and help sell.

#57. Canine social club

To socialize, but also to exercise: you live in the city and the dog spends the day lying in the living room, with no possibility of moving beyond the quick walk you take when you get it back from work or at lunchtime or in the mornings before going out to work. Also education: animal training.

#58. Marketplace for product rentals

If products are sold on the Internet, why can not they also be rented? In addition to products for short, medium and long-term, they also offer the possibility of renting professional services: one-hour or one-day rates (for example, consulting). It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

#59. Additional professional services

What do we mean by complementary professional services? To a network, for example, of diagnostic testing centers for dentists to be able to have laboratory technicians near the dentist’s offices, since the law prevents them from working inside a clinic, even if their services are of daily use in the sector. The idea was given to us by Dr. Montserrat Morillo, founder of Navegalia Dental, a Sevillian coworking space for dentists.

#60. Solidarity experiences for executives

More than another turn of the screw to the concept of leisure of experiences or marketing of experiences (we have already proposed you valid ideas in that field looking for new niches), it is a way to raise funds for original NGOs in times when donations are not abundant. The aim would be to offer executives from large companies and successful entrepreneurs the possibility of actively participating in social projects of different NGOs.

You would take a commission for your work as a commercial-fundraiser. It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

Why do not NGOs do it directly? Because it is a job that requires time and that has to be remunerated, inside or outside the company, and if it is outsourced it is a variable expense. In addition, you provide contacts with those who do not have a starting point. You have to consider an international project with NGOs from around the world and direct it to senior managers with high purchasing power.

#61. International exchange of professionals

Like the student exchange programs … only to exchange active professionals in prestigious companies and also for professionals in SMEs. Especially for sectors such as innovation, advertising. As soon as the crisis ends, companies will have to renew themselves.

#62. Courses to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit

Right now, different autonomous communities are designing programs. They can be offered a turnkey program with key-in-hand teachers and turnkey materials.

#63. Biological safety

What is still needed? Implementation of products and safety procedures designed to eliminate or minimize accidents with biological risk taking into account new technologies. Also training and information to workers in the use of these safety devices and training and information to prevent risks of contact with biological material.

#64. Cleaning biological risk

It is also necessary for this field the protocolization and planning processes for proper cleaning and disinfection of medical devices that hospitals, after use, send to the supplier company, either for repair or for maintenance. It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

#65. Piercing jewelry for young people online

We could offer you all kinds of arguments to support this business idea, but the best thing is to look for and convince yourself: designer jewelry, affordable for piercing fans. We have found European companies selling in Spanish to our market, but they work in another line of business.

 #66. Vending of designer erotic products

Is it supposed that changing the moment of purchase generates business ideas, right? Why not offer designer erotic products through vending machines in hotels with charm, for example? So that you do not have to interact with a dependent and that it is an experience surrounded by reasonable discretion. Vibrators, lingerie, inflatable dolls, basic costumes … In Japan, these machines proliferate in the hotels for couples (as they do not have privacy in the home, they have to go outside the house).

#67. Editorial content for museums

How can it be that the Smithsonian has a magazine and the Prado does not? Publishing of offline and online editorial content for the promotion of the management of the institution, art, marketing. It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

#68. Shop of typical products … from other countries

Russian dolls, without having to kick flea markets in the outskirts of St. Petersburg; Egyptian papyri with the certificate of authenticity without having to suffer from camel bottlenecks in front of the pyramids … It can be considered as a physical store, in principle, but also online. With quality and origin certificates.

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#69. Consultancy on internationalization in the provinces

In general, offering professional consulting services outside of Madrid and Barcelona (other than the creation of websites, graphic design, audiovisual or e-commerce, which are widely seen) is a business idea that deserves to be studied. Specifically, the internationalization consultancy has been commented to us by several readers asking, specifically, for consultancy in the provinces.

What kind of cities? Ciudad Real, for example. What should be done? Basically, I support in the search for commercial opportunities (suppliers). As the services provided by the IVEX in Valencia or the Ministry of Industry in Murcia or the Government of Extremadura.

#70. Distribution of prefabricated mini-offices 

It is an excessive niche idea but we believe that it can have potential. In the same way that prefabricated design houses proliferate in countries like Germany, small prefabricated offices for self-employed professionals are also being designed. And when we say self-employed professionals, we do not mean you, that you’re kicking the street all day to get customers, pursue suppliers, head-butt with banks, but freelance professionals with high purchasing power in Madrid, Barcelona and areas of the Mediterranean coast dedicated to financial advice, design.

#71. Development of board games

Imagine that you have devised a board game, but you do not know how to bring it to life. What if someone designed it based on your idea and also help you sell it? Well, that’s what Americans do The Game Crafter. It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

Niche coworking business
Niche coworking

#72. Niche coworking

Begin to proliferate proposals for coworking spaces in Spain (business centers for liberal professions and technology), especially linked to graphic design and audiovisual production. In Europe and the United States, they are already finding niches. One way to enter this sector in our country could go hand in hand with one of these segments: for example, enterprising women, sophisticated with an off and online social network, with additional services.

#73. Duplicate the garage space in the chalets

The idea has occurred to a British company and is 100% exportable. These are two-seater mechanical mini parking. It occurs to us that there is the business in the distribution of this solution, as well as in its installation and maintenance.

#74. Consulting in the agri-food sector

Consulting also makes sense in the agri-food sector. And even specialize in specific foods. It treats, eye, of consultancy so that they do not lose the productive processes, but not of consultancy of strategy. Our business proposal consists in advising on production systems and farming systems. Any ideas to get going? Strolling through Canadian universities. And he has to be super specialized.

Gourmet products business
Gourmet products

#75. Gourmet products

A good idea can be the online sale of products of gourmet category and also that several producers are grouped to offer this type of packages, possibly regional (for a brand issue, but also logistics). Entrepreneurs tend to focus on the peninsular market in Canadian with Canadian logistics. If you are able to take the item out, you eliminate the importer, the distributor, and the seller. It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

#76. Law Firm specialized in Compliance

Since 2010, companies are criminal subjects. This meant a great change in the Penal Code, which has been adapted again, and since July 2016 the door is opened to the implementation of measures that lead to the criminal exoneration of companies if they have previously implemented a good preventive system. This is what in the Anglo-Saxon law is called Compliance, compliance.

In this area, we have seen movements of offices for a few months to position themselves and differentiate themselves. In fact, it could be said that “Compliance” is a fashion term in the sector. It introduces us fully into the culture of preventive legal services.

#77. Multi-brand kits for flying

There goes a Criqui proposal: thinking of people who travel a lot, set up an online store of products with sizes and packaging adapted for airplanes. Is there a demand? We have started to investigate and we have found in American online stores, but also with niche markets in the cosmetics, including homeopathy.

#78. Niche auctions

Online auctions are already discussed but niche? Video games, clothes for babies and pregnant mothers, second-hand products. It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

#79. History factory

Anniversaries, celebrations, promotional events, it is about preparing contents for companies, exhibitions, commemorative web pages, etc. You would be responsible for editing the texts and editorial production. This business would be focused on large companies, but you could also specialize in a specific area and go to other medium-sized companies in a specific sector.

In most cases, since the circulation is controlled and even when it can be published in digital formats, the costs are not excessive and you can outsource those tasks that you do not control: basically, layout and web support.

#80. Surrogate care providers

By schedules, last minute, on vacation, because it’s a short time. Sometimes you need to have kangaroos to take care of your children at the last minute. In others, you need to take care of your offspring at untimely hours so that you can match the summer schedule of your company with your daycare. There are situations in which you may only need that service for one or two hours, which many professional and non-professional kangaroos do not compensate. What if you manage to set up a network of what could be called professional, last-minute, all-terrain kangaroos?

#81. Pillows online sale

How heavy with electronic commerce! You are right. These are projects that can start perfectly from an initial capital of 20,000 euros, including registration, web design, and management, marketing promotion, search engine positioning … What do we think about selling? Unusual pillows, for example, by design, or by the materials they use (for allergy sufferers). Remember: it’s about choosing clearly identifiable products by brand and model and not swelling, at least when starting, to get an extensive catalog.

#82. Club to look for new flavors

Tasting Collective is a New York private club that organizes group dinners where participants have the opportunity to experience new dishes made by renowned chefs eager to experience new dishes. Diners have access to proposals that are not yet in any letter and interact with these chefs and other foodies. The annual fee is $ 199 and diners have access to two monthly dinners and get discounts not only at private events but also in a network of associated venues. It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

It is not the first attempt to address the trend of joining, a term that encompasses the merger of enjoyment and union with strangers in private events, but the one that has been successful in shaping profitable business-or, at least, viable-. To show a button: Kitchensurfing – another US startup, now deceased – also wanted to address new ways to access a menu prepared by a chef. The platform created by Kitchensurfing allowed, with a couple of clicks, bring home a quality chef guaranteed by the startup, but did not require an annual commitment (read liquidity).

To give you an idea, the success of Tasting Collective when it comes to building its business model has been the same as the Spanish Club Kviar, another Spanish private club of gastronomy enthusiasts that can make reservations at top-level restaurants with a discount of 30% on the final bill (in this case there are no locks, but a network of foodies). It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

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#83. Adapting toys for children with disabilities

We have run into the Adaptive Toy Project. It is not a business precisely to use. For starters, it is a project of a US university (University of North Florida) and is funded by the Government (through the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health & Human Development). But the value proposition is compelling: adapt toys in the market so that children with disabilities can use them.

It is not just about adopting a specific toy, but to design engineering solutions that can be applied to many different toys within the same category to facilitate their use to children with disabilities. It is intended as a laboratory-class for students of industrial engineering and computer engineering. The engineers work with pediatricians and neuroscientists to make the designs meaningful.

#84. Regional programs of courses for parents

In the style of Universidaddepadres.com, which was launched by philosopher José Antonio Marina, only in this case with a regional capillarity. It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada. To know more about Canada small business ideas.

#85. Virtual tourism agency for local tourism

More business to undertake in the rural environment? A virtual agency of regional tourism. Offering different packages of local leisure with a seal of quality of the Region. Also, think about the possibility of carrying out activities during low season: winter/fall, in collaboration with educational centers and associations in the area (outings of institutes, schools, associations of children with problems and this type of programs that allow, for example, to survive to active tourism companies).

#86. Guide to care for the sick

We suggest you create a web of resources and an online store for people who have to deal with sick family members: products, books, updated information on diseases, legal documents … According to a study by the University of Almeria, more than half of the chronic patients “does not scrupulously follow their treatments (55% report having missed their medication at some time) and most of them find it difficult to comply with dietary recommendations (83% non-compliance), as well as the pattern of physical exercise (79 % non-adherence) “.It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

#87. Homemade kitchen market by amateurs

You are a great cook, but you do not have the capacity to reach the general public. However, to reach the palate of any diner you would win it immediately. What if your dishes could arrive along with those of other amateur chefs?

#88. Cocktails at home

How do you see that they take you home for a party mojito, margaritas, daiquiris … prepared by an expert waiter, just like in a bar, only without leaving the house? The original idea was held by a British company. It is not worth any mixture, nor that they are of the pile, nor that they are a prefabricated product.

It’s about delicatessen cocktails. You can round up the idea with a sophisticated catering in case it has given you, again, the ‘vaguería’ and you have not even bought chips … You have to think that it is not a business for all audiences. Think how you can sophisticate it.

#89. Courses to teach how to program neophytes

So far the unregulated training to learn to program was directed to the middle of the table and had not worried about the extremes: it focused on budding programmers with a good foundation who wanted to learn a language or a specific skill. Nobody was talking, for example, to engineers already licensed, good, but without work experience, to explain how they really program in companies (what is needed, what are the most common shortcuts in the real world of programming ) until IT Training Courses arrived.

It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada. As no one had cared for people who without a university degree under the arm wanted to learn to create their own CMS in a week with top professionals, in person (not online) and paying for it (no collaborative economy, nor of learning in spare time) until the British Steer started. What do we mean by courses to learn to program level?

For those who cost 1,500 pounds, not suitable for any pocket. They are aimed at the universe of startups (founders with some computer knowledge, but who have never programmed) and professionals who are recycled (graphic designers who want to start a new digital life beyond paper).

#90. Distributed printing of digital products

Recover the ‘traditional’ business of digital printing and offer it in the cloud to producers of content and digital art from anywhere in the world. It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

#91. Democratize gastronomic information

Food Genius is an information service of the American gastronomic channel. Its database collects the menu of thousands of stores across the country and categorizes the information. Their customers are food companies, who can see what cuisines, dishes, and ingredients are the most offered. Its database includes dishes, ingredients, and prices. At the moment they only operate in the US, but the business has the potential to expand outside.

This company is part of a business trend that will consolidate throughout 2017 that democratizes information in many atomized sectors that have disorganized data. It has more to do with taking advantage of small data than big data. According to trend consultant Lantern, “the consumer has access to more and more information; he has the upper hand, he has become wiser, more active and more demanding. With the help of new technologies and collective intelligence, today it is possible to strip a product or service before buying it. ”

“Brands, whether they control it or not, have a new channel to communicate with their consumers: the information that surrounds their product or service is accessible either from an app that scans barcodes, a consumer assessment system or an electronic device that predicts the state of the product “, says in his study The Food Revolution. It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

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#92. Insurtech solutions

The insurtech sector, a niche within fintech, is bringing to market products such as Trove, a mobile application that allows you to take out insurance for days for specific needs. You choose the product you want to insure. You choose the time during which you want to ensure it. The application shows you the insurance and the prices per day and per month … and you choose.

In the event that the object/product insured suffers some damage, you lose it or you steal it you only have to return to the application (assuming, of course, that the theft is limited to that object and not your mobile) and a human being. It serves you in real time through a chat. At the moment they only cover electronic devices (mobile phones, computers, tablets, consoles, cameras ) and electric, brown range products, sports equipment and musical instruments.

Reinvent cruises business
Reinvent cruises

#93. Reinvent cruises

Clayton M. Christensen, author of ‘The Dilemma of Innovation’, said: “Innovating consists of giving solutions today to problems and needs that are not yet in the market, but are about to be or will be soon.” Crystal Cruises has been in the market for 25 years (no, it is not a new business) and it is the type of company that is doing well and from which, seen it, you expect more of the same. And then that’s when you realize how wrong you were.

This business now launches cruises on rivers in ad hoc vessels (in fact, they pride themselves on having the world’s first luxury line for rivers), luxury yacht cruises in the Arctic and mobile apartments in the ‘penthouses’ – a loft above Water? in its new luxury ocean liners. In addition, he has coined a new concept of cruise: air cruises (yes, by plane, spending 3 days in each city).

#94. Children and critical thinking

The success of the intelligence games on some family game consoles has put us on track … Many parents want a different education for their children: come on, they want to replace the usual games for intellectual challenges. We have not invented the wheel: there are already products on the market to stimulate the intelligence of children and adolescents; another thing is the access of the general public to them.

If you happen to develop new products, fine. If not, you can adapt products that are already in the Anglo-Saxon and European market to the Spanish market and distribute them. It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

#95. Biometrics consulting

In the market, there are already abundant foreign biometrics solutions that you can help to market in Spain. For example? A biometric attendance and business scheduling controller, but with a new function in its software: in addition to the clock activity of employees entering and leaving, it can also ensure efficient programming

#96. Games for entrepreneurs

We propose that you distribute products designed for future entrepreneurs that already exist in the market. Game for entrepreneurs is the best and profitable business for the beginner. It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

#97. Scientific review of online products

Like the OCU, but on a scientific basis. The idea gave it to us in its day, but we still have not seen anyone who has been animated. It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

#98. Condensed management ebooks

Dump a whole management book to see on a screen, even if it’s the iPad? We will have to readjust the contents, do not you think? It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

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#99. Big Data applied to the market prediction

The sectoral market reports, as we knew them, have died. Long live the reports of sectoral markets. New businesses propose data analysis in real time to help make better decisions on prices, purchases, assortments, distribution strategies, big data applied to sector forecasts. We had seen it in the electrical sector and in the agri-food sector, but not retail. This is what the British consultancy Edited offers. Who discounts in my categories? What products work for the competition?

#100. Reuse robots

There are robots in the industry that become obsolete and to which other users can be given. It is one of the best successful Small Business ideas in Canada.

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