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150+ Small Manufacturing Business Ideas in India to Start Today

If you start manufacturing business in India, you can follow manufacturing business ideas in India. Let’s go and start reading this articles. The manufacturing industry is one of the niches that drives the economics of any country. Those industrialized countries are the most economically advanced, since having a dynamic and active manufacturing sector produces money constantly. For the most part, large companies have begun to manufacture simple things in their own homes and then industrialize and generate an empire. Therefore, starting in a manufacturing business is a great opportunity, and usually, are venturing with a great future.

List of Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

# 01 Manufacture of Papers and Notebooks

There is a great campaign to avoid the manufacture of papers and notebooks to preserve the trees, but very few know that nowadays thanks to recycling it is no longer necessary to fell trees. So this business is still standing and is one of the most profitable. Undoubtedly, it is a large market that consumes paper and notebooks, so customers will never be lacking. Besides its manufacture is very simple and do not need so many types of machinery.

# 02 Manufacture of toys for children

Many people think that to make toys you need large machines, and the truth is that you only need a plastic injection machine and its corresponding matrices. Also, everything depends on what style of toys was manufactured, although ideally, all are plastics. If you want to start a profitable business, toy manufacturing is one of them. The most difficult part of this business is entering the market, but if you have a great strategy it will be easy. That is the best manufacturing business ideas in India. Read More

 # 03 Kitchen Utensils and Cutlery Making

If you are looking for a business to manufacture, kitchen utensils are usually of great need and is a market that always has demand. This is because they are very essential, both for homes and for dining rooms, restaurants, and hotels. Making pots, pans and cutlery is a great job, since like the previous business you only need a press machine or a plastic injector for different utensils. Without a doubt, it is one of the best business ideas to manufacture, since there are thousands of tools to manufacture.

# 04 Manufacture Electric bulbs and electrical accessories

We all know that electric light bulbs and all electrical accessories are in great demand in the market. Well just looking around, we can see a lot of light bulbs or electrical accessories. Although it is a profitable business, its market is very competitive since there may be several manufacturers, but if that is not a break for you it is a great idea to start. That is the best manufacturing business ideas in India.

# 05 Manufacture of carpets and /or rubber mats

Nowadays rubber rugs or rugs are used everywhere; whether inside a house, such as inside a car, truck, etc. It is undoubtedly a profitable business that takes off quickly, that is, it does not take a long time to see huge profits. Yes, you have to have excellent marketing and promotion strategies. But with simple business planning, you can reach success very quickly.

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# 06 Manufacture of medicines

No need to clarify much about this business, it is one of the most profitable that exists and with few machines, you can make large quantities. There are many varieties of medicines in the world, and they can be generic or not. The idea is to manufacture medicines that do not have a very strict regulation since one of the disadvantages is that to obtain the marketing license you have to pass several tests.

 # 07 Manufacture of disposable syringes

Disposable syringes are other profitable businesses within the world of medicine and compared to medicines, it does not have many regulations. Therefore to undertake in this niche is much easier, and like the rest of the ideas, you only need a plastic injection machine + its matrix. That is the best manufacturing business ideas in India.

# 08 Manufacture of toilet paper

Toilet paper is one of the best-selling products in the hygiene niche, so it had to be on this list. The idea of this business is not to recycle the paper but to buy the coils directly from the recycler and with a rewinding machine to divide the rolls of toilet paper. That is the best manufacturing business ideas in India.

# 09 Manufacture of kitchen rolls

Like toilet paper rolls of kitchen towels are very demanded in the home and for its fractionation, it is the same as the hygienic one. But in this case, a double sheet rewinding machine is needed, since unlike the hygienic one it is its thickness.

# 10 Cartoon Crates Manufacturing

Cartoon Crates manufacturing business ideas are the best manufacturing business ideas in India. You can start this business at any time. It is the online manufacturing business ideas. Its high profitable business ideas but low investment manufacturing business.

# 11 Chemical production Manufacturing

This is another of the business to manufacture that should be taken into account because in chemical production there is a wide variety of products, both for everyday use as for industrial and also is a low investment. For example, the manufacture of liquid detergent is one of them or it can be shampoo, laundry detergent or fabric softener. The idea is to inspect which products are the most requested in your area, as well as which is the easiest to produce.

# 12 Rethreading tires Manufacturing

Recycling or rethreading tires is another of the most successful profitable businesses, as many people prefer to buy recycled tires since their price is usually much lower. For this enterprise, only one machine is needed to rethread.

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# 13 Manufacture of nails, nuts, and bolts

Manufacture of nails, nuts, and bolts business ideas are great manufacture business ideas in the world. If you have the opportunity to acquire the necessary machinery and capital, you can start with this small business. That is the best manufacturing business ideas in India.

 # 14 Making accessories for mobile phones

The phone market is very big, and every day more increases the demand for different accessories for them. There are a variety of accessories for mobile phones, whether housings, Bluetooth devices, batteries or battery rechargers. Undoubtedly, it is one of the profitable businesses with more boom in recent years, and also this market allows us either to manufacture them yourself or they can be imported.

# 15 Manufacturing auto parts

As we know cars have many mechanical parts, which tend to wear through the kilometers. If you like mechanics, then this is one of the best businesses to manufacture parts for different brands of cars. The most recommended is the manufacture of semi-axes since it is something that leaves very good profits and is easy to manufacture or if you have injection machines you can make rubber parts or in acrylic.

 # 16 Manufacture of ceramic tiles

In these last years, it is easier to see in the homes and offices tiles, instead of carpet. This is because the tiles are more economical, more hygienic, and easier to maintain. The manufacture of tiles is a great undertaking because it is in great demand and can also be associated with construction companies.

# 17 Manufacture of biodegradable bags

Although it does not seem that the market for bags is very large since both supermarkets and warehouses use this type of bags. Nowadays, companies are focusing on everything that is ecological, which is why biodegradable bags are in great demand in the market. To manufacture them you only need a plastic rewinding machine and a plastic printer to print company logos.

 # 18 Making Flashlights or Touch Lighting

Another of the businesses to make very interesting that exist are the tactile illuminations, which are replacing the flashlights and used as emergency lights. Currently, there is a wide variety of models, where most of them already use LED technology. For its manufacture no machinery is needed, just send to inject the pieces with a design and assemble it to taste. These products are in great demand in the market, because as I said they are replacing the flashlights, to use them in camps, for help in a car or as an emergency light for power cuts.

# 19 Umbrellas, raincoats, and rain boots

Umbrellas, boots, and raincoats never go out of style. Well, in places where the rainy season is high, the demand of the business also; its manufacture is very simple and the profits very high, which is an excellent option to consider. That is the best manufacturing business ideas in India.

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# 20 Business to make shoes and belts

Synthetic leather has become fashionable for a long time and with it, many things can be manufactured, such as shoes, belts, wallets or purses. It is an area where you can leave your imagination free to create different products and it is also a very profitable business.

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# 21 Manufacture of lenses and eyeglass frames

The manufacture of glasses is another very good business to start and start with a project with a future. While there are many recognized brands, there is still a place in the market for small eyewear entrepreneurs. Without a doubt, there is a big market for glasses and for different pockets. That is the best manufacturing business ideas in India.

# 22 Making mattresses and pillows

Making mattresses and pillows is a great opportunity to start a new business, although it is advisable to make a preliminary study of the market, without a doubt it is a venture to highlight. In the market there is a great demand for these products, so you can compete very well, as long as the quality is good.

# 23 Safety helmets and other safety devices

The security industry is a very large market, where we can find different elements; From helmets for motorcycles to refractory vests, it is only a matter of seeing what elements are most in demand in the area and starting to manufacture. The most advisable thing is to manufacture refractory vests since their demand is very high and it does not take a big investment to start producing. That is the best manufacturing business ideas in India.

# 24 Recharge extinguishers and fire extinguishers

Recharge fire extinguishers or fire extinguishers is one of the most profitable businesses because all the security measures of all sectors demand. From buildings to private vehicles, everyone must have a fire extinguisher. In addition, there is not only demand to recharge, but also to control, repair and sell new extinguishers.

# 25 Diapers and baby wipes

The item of hygiene for babies is extremely profitable since they are essential products for any parent; these products are used for babies and children from 0 to 3 years. If you are thinking of investing in and starting your own business, the manufacture of diapers and wipes is one of the most profitable. Without a doubt, it is a project with a lot of future and that offers opportunities to grow big. Remember that to be successful, the product must be of quality and affordable.

# 26 Business to manufacture furniture

The manufacture of furniture is another of the business ideas with more demand, because the chairs, tables, cabinets, beds, shelves, cabinets, etc.; they are very tradable products. And its manufacture today is not very difficult since you can choose to use materials such as melanin, which provides quality and speed to manufacture.

# 27 Manufacture of aluminum products

Today there is a wide variety of aluminum products to manufacture such as windows, doors, ceilings, frying pans, etc. aluminum is a very noble element and one of the profitable businesses with the most demand. Before starting, the idea is to do a market research to know what type of products your market needs.

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# 28 Manufacture of mobile homes

In recent years the trend of traveling with mobile homes has increased, giving the opportunity to those entrepreneurs to have their own profitable business. Since the market had been without manufacturers, which is a great opportunity to prevail in the market and without a doubt one of the best business ideas to manufacture.

# 29 Business to Make Air fresheners

The air fresheners are one of the products that can be produced in mass, it is certainly a great idea to take into consideration since it is of low investment. In the market, you can find air fresheners of different shapes, either in liquid, solid or gas form. That is, to compete in the market, the essences have to be unique because that is what makes the difference between your competitors.

# 30 Making poison for cockroaches

The poison for cockroaches is another product that can be manufactured in a big way and that does not need a big investment. Well, the cockroach venom paste is very simple to make and you do not need any certificate or permission to do it. And there is no doubt that it is one of the profitable businesses with the most demand in the market.

# 31 Agarbatti Making

Agarbati’s demand is almost all year round. Agarbati is used in temples, mosques, churches, etc at the places of worship or at home. Along with fragrance, many people now use agarbati at home or in the shops. Agarbati can be sold in the local market, thana city or upazila town. It is possible to sell agarbats to wholesale as well as to shoppers or in the open market or retail buyers. Most sellers can be sold to the shrine. It is also possible to sell agarbati at various places of worship.

# 32 Accessories Manufacturing

Accessories manufacturing business ideas is the best manufacturing business ideas in India. Now it is the best profitable business. You can start today. You have needed a shop and capital to start. Now in the world car or types of machinery parts increase quickly so it is the best decision to start accessories making business.

# 33 Aluminium Railings for Home and Office

You can start manufacturing aluminum Railings for Home and Office. It is the best idea for your business. So you can start it today. It is the most profitable and demandable business in India or outside this country. That is the best manufacturing business ideas in India.

# 34 Food Manufacturing

We can’t live without food because all of the world people eat food for life. So it is the best manufacturing business ideas for you. You can start a catering business or bakery making business. You need a food processing machine to process this food. I think this is the best option for you. Read More…

# 35 Aluminium Door Window Manufacturing

In the modern age, man builds the huge building for his need. Every building needs the door and window. Nowadays people want to best goods for his or for his building. So aluminum door or window manufacturing is the best ideas and also the profitable business in India.

# 36 Agarbatti Making Machine Manufacturing

Agarbatti Making Machine Manufacturing business is the best manufacturing business ideas in India. Most of the businessman in the world can start this business. That is the best manufacturing business ideas in India.

# 37 Bakery Manufacturing

The basic bakery recipe is mixed with water, yeast, salt, and other ingredients including fat, sugar, eggs, milk, etc., and then mixing baking in an oven. Resting time, temperature, and humidity deeply affects dirt. Although the gum is made in small amounts in the house, its unpredictable change is largely confusing for the householder. You can start this manufacturing business. That is the best manufacturing business ideas in India.

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# 38 Banana Wafer Manufacturing

# 39 Bindi Manufacturing

# 40 Bio-diesel Manufacturing

# 41 Biscuit Manufacturing

# 42 Blouse Hook Manufacturing

# 43 Bread Manufacturing

# 44 Ball pens manufacturing

# 45 Bottled Drinking Water Manufacturing

# 46 Customized gift box Manufacturing

# 47 Customized T-shirt printing Manufacturing

# 48 Candle Manufacturing

# 49 Cashew Processing Manufacturing

# 50 Chalk Manufacturing

# 51 Cheesecake Manufacturing

# 52 Chocolate Manufacturing

# 53 Coconut Milk Powder Manufacturing

# 54 Coconut Oil Manufacturing

# 55 Coconut Oil Manufacturing

# 56 Concrete Block Manufacturing

# 57 Condensed Milk Production

# 58 Conveyor Belt Manufacturing

# 59 Cotton Buds Making

# 60 Custard Powder Production Manufacturing

# 61 Computer Stationary Products Manufacturing

# 62 Customized T-shirt Printing Manufacturing

# 63 Cell Phone Case Manufacturing

# 64 Dalia Production

# 65 Designer Lace Manufacturing

# 66 Designer Saree Manufacturing

# 67 Detergent Powder Manufacturing

# 68 Drinking Straw Manufacturing

# 69 Diary Manufacturing

# 70 Disposal Cup/Glass Manufacturing

# 71 Exercise Book Manufacturing

# 72 Eraser Making

# 73 Electric Wire/Cable Manufacturing

# 74 Eyeglass and frames manufacturing

# 75 Energy Drink Production Manufacturing

# 76 File Manufacturing

# 77 Flour Production Manufacturing

# 78 French Fry Manufacturing

# 79 Fruit Bar Manufacturing

# 80 Fruit Juice Production Manufacturing

# 81 Firework manufacturing

# 82 Gem Clip Manufacturing

# 83 Ginger Garlic Paste Processing Manufacturing

# 84 Ginger Oil Production Manufacturing

# 85 Grape Wine Manufacturing

# 86 Groundnut Oil Processing Manufacturing

# 87 Hair Band Manufacturing

# 88 Hinge Making | Compound Asafoetida

# 89 Honey Processing

# 90 Hospital Rubber Goods Consumable

# 91 Home and Office Furniture Making

# 92 Incense stick (Agarbatti) manufacturing

# 93 Ice Block Manufacturing

# 94 Ice Cream Cone Making

# 95 Ice Cream Making

# 96 Invitation Card Making

# 97 Iodized Salt Production

# 98 Jute Bags Making

# 99 Jeans Pants making

# 100 Jam Jelly Making

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# 101 Jute Bag Making

# 102 Luxury Candle Making

# 103 Latex Rubber Thread

# 104 Lathe Machine Unit

# 105 Leather Bag Making

# 106 Lemonade Making

# 107 Liquid Soap Making

# 108 Livestock Feed Production

# 109 Microbrewery

# 110 Milling Business

# 111 Mini Paper Mill

# 112 Manufacturing of luxury candles

# 113 Manufacturing of toys

# 114 Manufacturing of natural beauty products

# 115 Manufacturing of small equipment used in farming

# 116 Naphthalene Ball Making

# 117 Noodles Making

# 118 Nut Bolt Making

# 119 Optical Frame Manufacturing

# 120 Plastic water bottles

# 121 Protective Packaging Materials Manufacturing

# 122 Packaging Box and Cartons

# 123 Paper cups and plates

# 124 Packaged mineral water

# 125 Packaging Aluminium Foils

# 126 Packaged Drinking Water Production

# 127 Packaging Box Manufacturing

# 128 Palm Oil Processing

# 129 Papad Making

# 130 Paper Bag Making

# 131 Paper Cup Making

# 132 Pasta Making

# 133 Phenyl Floor Cleaner Making

# 134 Pickles Making

# 135 Plastic Product Manufacturing

# 136 Potato Chips Making

# 137 Potato Powder Making

# 138 Rice Bran oil Production

# 139 Rice Mill

# 140 Rubber Band Manufacturing

# 141 Rubber Floor Mat Making

# 142 Rubber Gaskets Making

# 143 Rubber Stamp Making

# 144 Rubber Toys Making

# 145 Soaps and detergent manufacturing

# 146 Sewing Threads Making

# 147 Slipper Manufacturing

# 148 Soaps making business

# 149 Soya chunks Processing

# 150 Soy Sauce Production

# 151 Spice Powder Making

# 152 Staple Pin Making

# 153 Sugar Candy Manufacturing

# 154 Sunflower Oil Processing

# 155 Tomato Processing

# 156 Tutti Frutti Making.

# 157 Tissue papers manufacturing

# 158 Towels manufacturing

# 159 The welding Unit

# 160 Vinegar Manufacturing

# 161 Woodworking

# 162 Zips/Zipper Manufacturing

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