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20 Most Successful Small Business Ideas For Beginners In The world

Small Business Ideas for beginners is a big step that requires careful planning and consideration before taking the plunge. You must prepare to cover your personal expenses for a period of time, while you start it and start the business. Every people in the world want to start a successful business, but they are not successful because, they can’t find good business ideas.


List of 20 Most Successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners in the world


#1. Purified Water Business Idea

Purified Water business ideas
Purified Water

How much can you earn with the production of purified water? Considering that the monthly operating costs are approximately US $ 500 including local rent, electricity, supplies, raw materials, and accessories. With a competitive public price of US $ 1, we could think of a daily production. Low of about 30 jugs, which would represent $ 30 x 30 days = $ 900 leaving a net profit of us $ 400 per month. Average of about 60 garrisons, which would represent $ 60 x 30 days = $ 1800 leaving an approximate utility of $ 1100 per month. High of about 100 garrisons, which represents $ 100 x 30 days = $ 3000 leaving an approximate utility of us $ 2000 per month. Of course, as in any business, the key is not only to offer cleaning and filling garrisons in your premises but to consider the promotion of your product in nearby stores and vending machines in your area to reach production levels that guarantee the best profitability. In addition, this business requires an important level of training, high sanitary standards, and minimum production controls to guarantee an excellent product. And, while it is true that there is “bad promotion” (false) that the big bottlers are doing towards this type of business based on the subject of sanitary controls, it is also true that the demand for the excellent price continues to increase each day. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.


#2. Cybercafe Business Idea

Cybercafe Business Ideas
Cybercafe Business

The cybercafe businesses have not gone out of fashion. We are in the information age and everyone uses the Internet anywhere in the world. You are now reading this on your laptop or phone. It is estimated that within 5 years there will be twenty times more users than there are currently, we will be millions of Internet users. The children will study in virtual classrooms and every day it will be more normal for them to interact on the Internet. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners. Businessmen, housewives, tourists, and housewives will have more and more need to use the Internet but not always have all the services to develop a job or answer some trades. Who will provide such a service and supply all alternative needs such as impressions, scans and digital services such as text or advice? Well, you can do it with a business of Internet booths, and here we tell you how. A cybercafe is an ideal business for those who want to start their business with little investment and in a potential market. It also has the appeal that you can install it and open it to the public in a short time.

The role of the business basically consists in having a network of computers connected to the Internet that are rented or rented to your customers. Your users can use the computers to prepare documents or read their emails, play games or simply browse to check their email. And you charge them by the hour or by specific service. The business is ideal for tourist areas, business centers or airports. Some of the main services that are provided are Internet browsing, document scanning, printing, text, courses, technical service, accessories and even international phone calls. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.


#3. School of Dance and Dance Business Idea

School of Dance business ideas
School of Dance

Today I present the idea of a fashion business that represents huge opportunities as new styles, rhythms, and disciplines that can be implemented and that are an attraction to grow your academy continuously appear. Classical dances, as well as modern dances, represent the value of this business that has as a key point for success to have the ability to adapt quickly to modern waves. The dance and dance academy represents a market with a high growth that has the advantage of a high demand and a poor offer that does not meet the expectations of the client for whom the presentation of your gym is very important as well as the preparation of the instructors. Assembly of a dance and Billie school. You must take into account that you will have “informal” competition that offers similar non-professional courses at much lower prices but of lower quality such as schools, schools or aerobics gyms, so personalized attention will be the best presentation letter for your clients. Multiply in a short time and be willing to pay for your services. Seriousness, professionalism, and instructors continuously trained and updated to the new rhythms will be what makes the difference in your business. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.

Business expenses: The main expenses that you should consider are the rent of the premises, water, electricity, air conditioning and sound equipment. Initially, you must invest in preparing your store and advertising and stationery expenses to publicize your business.

Business income: Income comes from the courses, rent of clothing, and sale of music and videos and private classes of reinforcement.

The investment: The good news is that you do not need more infrastructure or furniture to start working, more than your sound equipment, carpeting, mirrors and some ballet bars. In addition to a minimum furniture for administration. In some cases, it is ideal to start from your home before renting a commercial space. Finally, I leave you a tip that can give you a huge advantage over your competition and is the specialization in some modernist rhythm. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.


#4. Gym and SPA/Gym and SPA, A Healthy Business Idea

Gym and SPA business ideas
Gym and SPA

The need for “modern” society for relaxation and health activities make this business a very lucrative proposition.Only The fundamental part is to get a place that you can adapt (according to the social level of the sector) where the priority is that your customers feel like kings. You should consider a room size between 100 and 300 m2 depending on the services you want to offer, remember that if you want to think about a pool, surely you should estimate a larger area. The gym area must be equipped with all the essential equipment for the development of this activity such as weights, spinning, aerobics, etc. You should consider the promotion and publicity of the business within your plan, although always remember that a well-attended client will be your best letter of presentation. Among the main expenses to consider are rent of the premises, electricity, water, maintenance, and personnel. You must carefully plan the staff you will hire so you can supply the services without exceeding your monthly budget. Consider: maintenance personnel, instructors, nutritionist, attention to the public, security (if necessary) and taxes, considering that the attention shifts can be long. The minimum investment to set up a business of this kind is around the US $ 8000, however, remember that the investment will depend on the range and level of services you wish to offer. One recommendation would be to start with some services and then expand to lend the others. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners


#5. Chewing Gum Machines Business Idea

Chewing Gum Machines
Chewing Gum

If what you are looking for is a simple, practical, low investment and with good potential to earn money, today I present the business idea of chewing gum vending machines. Today we will expand in more detail about chewing gum machines and their advantages. This is how the business of chewing gum dispensing machines work to start, this is a low investment business because the machines in their simplest versions have an investment cost of no more than the US $ 100 and you can start it with just one and gradually grow. The machines are placed in places where children frequent, such as bookstores, shops, cybercafés, bakeries, schools and wherever your potential market is. The business model is really very simple because it is enough that once a week you check that there is enough product in the machine and withdraw the cash entered, which will not take more than a couple of hours depending on the distance where you have located your chewing gum vending machine. It is a business with potential because it can generate an average of profits between the US $ 40 – 80 per month depending on the location. If you multiply this by 2, 5 or 10 machines, then you can appreciate your income possibilities. Also, it’s an excellent business because it works like an asset. If you remember the concept of Robert Kiyosaki, it means that it is money working for you without you having to be present because you do not need to spend 8 hours a day for this “small” income generator to work. Finally, if you are interested in expanding, there are options for double, triple or more gum vending machines to offer different product options to your clients. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.


#6. Florist or Flower Shop Business Idea

Florist or Flower Shop
Flower Shop

If you have stopped to observe, flowers are welcome on all occasions. Any memorable day, a wedding, a special dinner or even a funeral, there will always be an opportunity to express a special feeling through a floral arrangement. That is why today we share the guide to start a florist business, which has important qualities for those who want to start a nice and pleasant business: It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.

Requires: A moderate initial investment. Operates with little staff. The training as a florist can be taken in a short time. Also if you develop it properly you can have a good extra income since the margins in the sale of flowers can be very attractive.

Florist business: Investment for a flower shop: The investment for the assembly of this business, basically contemplates:

Local or point of sale: Or a cart. The advantage is that its costs are lower compared to commercial premises and also do not need to be very large so the rental space will not be very high.

Illumination: A good combination of natural and artificial lighting. It will give a very nice touch to your business and attract more customers. Remember that the product enters by sight so that the better it looks better.

Water service: Very important to have access to this vital service for the maintenance of flowers that must be sold Fresh and look fresh at all times.

Services: Electricity, water, and telephone. Fundamentals for the proper operation of your florist business. It is important to have a varied catalog of available arrangements for your clients. In such a way that they have opCataloguetions to choose in terms of styles, sizes, and prices.

Area: Special for preparation of arrangements that should be a table or counter with the essential utensils and some shelves. In some cases, the preparation could be outside your point of sale but there will always be some last minute requests that you should be able to make at that precise moment.

The diversity of materials and wrapping papers to offer a variety of presentations in floral arrangements. This point is key to success from your flower shop remember that flowers are a very emotional product so if it looks better …, it sells better. You must have scissors, ribbons, ribbons, stuffed animals, etc.

Steps to start your floristry: Taking into consideration that the raw material of this business is flowers, you should give a lot of importance to get at least a couple of flower suppliers that can supply you with variety at wholesale price. This is key in this industry because it has to do directly with your costs and therefore with your profit margins. If you research carefully you will surely find excellent product suppliers in your locality or nearby. Always remember that the profit is when buying. Other important aspects of the assembly of the business. The variety of flowers that is required for the assembly of a good florist includes. Daisies, Carnations, Sunflowers, Lilies, Roses etc. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.

But I must emphasize that the leading product, the best seller of this type of business, is undoubtedly roses in their different colors. It is important to take care of the quality of the flowers since the buyer definitely expects them to be fresh, beautiful colors, free of pests or diseases, properly cut and totally healthy. Another key detail that can multiply your sales possibilities and boost the growth of your florist business is the delivery service at home. This is an added value that many customers value and demand because part of a special detail of floral arrangements is that they are delivered to the door of the person you want to please. Of course, implementing a service at home represents a greater investment so you could plan it in the second phase of your business or outsource the service by errands which reduces the initial investment costs and allows you to offer the service at the time it is required. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.

Marketing for a flower shop: In principle, you must create a marketing plan that allows you to publicize your products by offering promotions and special prices. The decoration of your point of sale is extremely important because it will be what will mainly attract the attention of your potential customers.

Online Florist: Nowadays it is extremely important to consider the possibility of setting up a digital strategy for your company. In the case of the flower shop or florist shops this essentially speaks of 3 things:

Have an online catalog through a website, with the payment system. Develop content on social networks to promote your floral arrangements and get to your potential customers. Invest a percentage of your promotion and advertising budget to pay for traffic generation campaigns for seasons or special days Finally, I recommend you, as in any business, to work in detail your business plan, develop a sales strategy (very important) and inform you about the requirements, procedures, and documentation to legalize your business according to the requirements and standards in your city. That way you can operate in order and focused on the success of your business. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.


#7. Travel Agency Business Idea

 Travel Agency business ideas
Travel Agency

If you are the perfect host and you love trips and adventures surely a Travel Agency is your ideal option to undertake. And the fact is that the tourism sector represents in all the countries a very juicy income item from which you can make your own portion. From the programming of tours and hotels to the leasing of cars, the tourism segment has many sides to exploit and turn it into a machine to earn money. To begin, we will say that the business model of a Travel Agency (AV) consists in the commercialization of tour packages through the services of the different operators who pay a commission for it. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.

Restaurants: Additionally, AVs function as transmitters, receivers or receivers-issuers depending on the role they play when directing passenger traffic. A broadcasting AV, for example, is the one that sends tourists to a destination other than where it is located, while the receiving station is the one that can perform both functions because of their capacity and experience. Among the main tools that an AV should have is theInternet for communication with customers and operators, Reserving Systems and Global Positioning. Updated maps printed or online such as Google Earth or MS Maps.Customer databases. Party guides and local shows. The success of this type of business is to provide great advice to customers, this includes training the staff very well and even having the facility to attend in several languages. This coupled with an excellent relationship with operators and as always, a lot of creativity for the creation of the travel packages to offer. As for the investment, we would say that it is mainly necessary to provide the company with information systems which require a license, in addition to the training of personnel and the adaptation of decent offices for the level of clientele that is served. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners


#8. Laundry and Automatic Drying Business Idea

Laundry and Automatic Drying

If you are looking for a simple and attractive business this will surely be an option that you will love for four reasons: It is a business that you can start with little investment. You can grow gradually, It does not require that you have any kind of specialized knowledge. You can acquire a franchise.The basic idea of the business is to install a washing center equipped with automatic clothes washers and dryers. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.

Laundry business: The service to be provided consists of the rent of the washing equipment and is aimed at housewives and executives who, for reasons of time or because they do not have this equipment, make use of the services that you offer. The ideal location will be in executive apartment centers or mid-level colonies.

Laundry Equipment: It has the advantage that you can start with little equipment and gradually add machines. To start you could think about 2 or 3 washing machines and a dryer (with an approximate cost of US $ 2000). Additionally, you will need some work tables as well as seats for people to wait for their washing and a counter for customer service. You can also implement the service of reception, washing, and delivery for people who have little time and want to leave your loads of clothes with the added value of the service that will represent an extra income.

Operating costs: Within the minimum operating costs, you should consider the rent of the premises, electricity, water and washing supplies as well as the depreciation of the equipment.

Commercialization: To promote your business, we recommend the printing of flyers to distribute in the areas surrounding the location of your store. As well as ads on cable TV in the sector and, remember that the best advertising is the one that goes by word of mouth of your satisfied customers. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.


#9. Car wash – Car wash Business Idea

Car wash – Car wash Business
Car wash

As I mentioned in a previous post, cleaning businesses can represent a gold mine since they focus on the tasks that other people for convenience or lack of time cannot do themselves. And the washing of cars or carwash represents one of those interesting businesses, which can be started with a little budget, easy to assemble, with economic manpower and that do not require a high degree of expertise to manage them. And also, with a potential market that is willing to pay to have your car shining. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.

Business Plan for Carwash: The basic turn of the business consists of the interior and exterior cleaning of vehicles but it must comply with ideal customer service characteristics to make your business attractive. Fundamentally you should know that people who use your car wash do so because they prefer to pay for someone to do it, but expect it to be done with quality, care, and taste (as they would do it). Hence, it is extremely important to offer your client important added values that guarantee the benefit of going to your business:

Personal attention: Good quality products used in cleaning your car. It is especially important that as an owner you guarantee customer satisfaction not only with the above-mentioned points but also by becoming a friend since customers who use this service will do it frequently (regularly every week) if they feel comfortable and confident in your car wash and They will also recommend you. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.

The important stages of the laundering process in this business are basically:

  • Vehicle reception
  • Washing, Vacuuming, and Drying
  • Waxing and polishing (optional)
  • Other services (optional)
  • Inspection
  • Delivery

Supplies: The main inputs are water, shampoos, detergents, and polishes. The auxiliary supplies are buckets, flannels, brushes, stuffed animals, sponges, shampoo, polishing wax, wax, degreasers, and polishes, among others and are easy to get on the market.

Costs: The main costs to consider in the assembly of the business: rent of premises, a salary of cleaning assistants, cleaning supplies and machinery such as water pistols, compressor, vacuum cleaners, and polishers. Also costs of adaptation of the premises and legal costs of an assembly of the business.

Business OperationEssentially, the administratively speaking business success consists of the effective use of cleaning resources, water, and labor in the wash times. You must take into account that there are peak days, in which the demand will be higher, especially on Saturdays and weekends. You must be prepared to meet the demand quickly but also carefully so that your client returns. The income will depend on the number of cars you can wash according to the sector where you locate your business and your creativity to offer attractive services. A fairly busy place will be ideal, such as shopping centers, parking places, theaters or close to government agencies where people can leave their car while doing paperwork. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.


#10. Locksmith Service Business Idea

 Locksmith Service

Blacksmithing is a very noble business idea, rarely exploited but with a high-income potential. Just remember how many doors are in your house. Now imagine how many locks there are in an apartment building and to that add the locks on the cars. Surely you will be able to visualize an interesting business niche that requires minimum preparation, little investment and with which you can earn very good money. A locksmith can be defined as an expert in installation of locks that provides services to homes and offices providing solutions for improvement in security. In addition, currently requires modern locksmiths and specialized electronic locks that are increasingly popular. It is the best successful Small

Business Ideas for Beginners.

The approximate initial investment is: Furniture and equipment: about us $ 1500 to $ 2000 the variation can consist of getting automatic or manual machines. Accessories and Spare Parts: us $ 500 – $ 1000 depending on the quantity and type of spare parts. It is recommended not to buy electric or specialized locks at the beginning but rather by order.

Preparation Courses: US $ 200 you can find a practical locksmith course here. Finally, you should contemplate within your business plan a budget of monthly expenses and an initial investment budget. And, if you need it, you can find help on how to prepare your business plan by clicking here.


#11. Earn Money with a Blog Business Idea

Earn Money with a Blog business ideas
Earn Money with a Blog

Coincidentally while thinking about how I would write this post I heard a comment on the radio that surprised me. The same one made reference to a new album that the Black Eyed Peas group (one of my favorites) would soon release, but what really caught my attention was that the interviewee, one of the leaders of the group, said something like. We know that a week after the album comes out for sale, there will be hundreds of blogs on the Internet focused on the group and the new material that we will present. That reminded me that blogs are one of the most impressive and high impact communication mechanisms that exist in the digital age. A blog is a space that, in addition to offering content, offers you the opportunity to earn real money! It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.

Make money with a blog: So today I am pleased to present you a project that we have been planning for months and is the launch of a new site on how to make money with your blog. TuPrimerBlog.com is the place where you will find tips, tips, tools and tutorials on how to start a blog and build it into a machine to generate income. And as has always been our goal in 1000ideasdenegocios.com, this new blog aims to be a guide in detail about everything you need to know about this interesting and productive business. If you like to write and are willing to devote a couple of hours of your time every week to build your blog and have an additional source of extra income, tuprimerblog.com will be your best option. You do not need to be an expert on the subject because here you will learn from scratch. So start today and give yourself a little pass by clicking here. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.


#12. Copy Center Business Idea

Copy Center business ideas
Copy Cente

The dream of every entrepreneur is to start a business with little capital, which produces good profits and the faster the better. And although there is no such perfect business model that fully complies with all these characteristics at the same time, there are some of them which, if we find the right conditions, can provide us with very pleasant satisfactions at the time of starting. In this case, we will talk about what you need to set up a center for photostatic reproductions or also called copy centers. This is an attractive business for several reasons: The first one is that you do not need a very large investment to start. If you manage to achieve a strategic location, such as a place with many office buildings or schools, that would be ideal because you would have a good market around you. Another good place for a copy center is the public administration institutions such as municipalities where they frequently ask those who do their paperwork copies of documents. Once this is done, the basic inputs will be one or two copying machines with the advantage of a great variety of models and prices. The variants in the copiers reside in the speed of reproduction and depending on the technology they use, this will be the economy they offer you. A medium copier should be around $ 1000 dollars on average. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.

The second important thing to consider is the daily use supplies such as toner, paper, and electricity as well as the rent of the premises, which must be carefully controlled in order to prevent your costs from skyrocketing. It is also important to consider the human element, that is, the people or people who will operate your business. If you are starting, the most advisable thing in all business is that you are the one who is the main workforce at the beginning and as the same is taking stability you can find some other personnel alternatives. You must be very clear that this kind of company obtains its utilities in the volume of copying. That is to say that you earn a few cents in each photocopy but your profits are in that you manage to copy large quantities and that at the same time you can save the maximum in the acquisition of your supplies. Find suppliers that offer you the best prices for buying paper wholesale, also with toner and avoid at all costs that the use of your machines is wasted. Another important aspect is the management of costs because although your business can generate attractive profits, it is essential that you always reserve a fund for maintenance that is a high and frequent cost in this type of operation. If the management of your expenses is in order, you will see how everything works very well. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.


#13. Billboards Business Idea

Billboards Business

Used by government agencies, churches, real estate agencies, stores and companies in general to advertise countless products, billboards occupy a decisive place as an advertising medium that exploited intelligently can become more than a source of extra income in a lucrative business Advertising has always been an important and vital alternative for the growth of companies and therefore millions of dollars are invested annually in the different media. And in billboards is no less because they represent an excellent means of great impact for the promotion of products and services. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.

What is the business: Basically, the role of the business focuses on the development and rental of billboards to different organizations and companies. You can shape the business from 2 perspectives. Make your own metal structures through a specialist in the field, install them and then rent them, or Partner with someone who invests in construction and dedicates specifically to the business of renting them. The advantage of this business is that the investment can be gradual, starting for example with one or two fences at the beginning and increasing the number as the capital goes back. In addition, it also has the advantage that fences can handle a variety of sizes and designs, so you can start with the rent of small fences and later continue with larger structures. Regarding the capital to invest, you should consider mainly the cost of manufacturing and install the fences, but you must also be clear that the model of this business considers that the initial investment (which is the strongest), is made only once and then the income from rents are high because there is no need to make the investment again every year. Hence, it is necessary to consider a return on investment that will take approximately one year and subsequently the profits are equivalent to almost 90% during the time that the fence remains located at a point. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.

How to start: The first important steps in shaping the business consist of find a manufacturer of metal structures that offer you wholesale prices and that works well. The fence designs are usually relatively simple and you can even find basic model plans on the web. Search the different locations of the fences. Regularly this work requires being very observant to be able to find points with excellent visibility and traffic of cars and pedestrians so that the fence can be attractive for the client and for the target market. Most of the times the locations are private property and in others, they are owned by the government so in both cases it is appropriate to contact the owner to request the rent of a space to place the fence in exchange for a quarterly paid rent. In most cases, the owners, provided they have the requested spaces that are almost always idle, will be happy to receive some extra dollars for renting them for billboards. Establish a contact with a designer and manufacturer of vinyl prints to print and place the printed arts of your clients’ advertising. At this point, you should consider the support of some workers for the facilities. Work that can also be easily learned. To finish and as I have always mentioned, it is important to prepare a business plan that helps you visualize all the details of the business, which also includes a budget. And, I can not fail to mention that the super vital counterpart in this business is sales.

Once the strategy of preparation, installation, design, and maintenance of the billboards has been devised, you must be willing to go and look for the clients that want to rent them to place their advertising. If you do not have sales skills, you will have to help with a star seller who does this work for you because it is from where the profits come from. And as I mentioned at the beginning, another great advantage if what you want is to generate extra income is that you can start with one or two small billboards, install them, rent them and let them start working for you so that in the medium term you can count on an entry extra with which you did not count. And the only additional work that entails is some basic maintenance every 6 months consisting of a little paint, rust repairs and checking that they are clean and in good condition. Well, you have here an excellent business opportunity that if you are interested you can start planning today. The variants can be many (with light, without light, electronic, reflective, in buildings, etc.) and only depend on that you add a good dose of creativity and enthusiasm. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.


#14. Automatic Money Vending Business Idea

Automatic Money Vending
Money Vending

Vending is a concept that is commonly used to refer to all those “artifacts” that in exchange for some currencies allow us to obtain automatically an article of consumption. These machines are increasingly popular and today it is common to find them in any corridor of hospitals, universities, public buildings, shopping centers, clinics, and supermarkets to mention only some of the most common places. The most common machines are the dispensers of gumballs and candies that are aimed at a hook market very easy to conquer such as children. What mom would refuse to buy your little one a chewing gum that is in the machine if it costs no more than a coin and can be obtained instantly and with the addition of seeing a beautiful smile on your little one while lowering the ball? Wow, those machines are a genius! And this is precisely how this interesting business model works: currency to currency. But the vending business is much more than just small chewing gum machines. In fact, this concept has evolved quickly and vending nowadays is valid to distribute any kind of product that comes to mind: from chips, cigarettes, sodas, coffee, phone cards, to condoms and others. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.

Vending Machines: But what makes vending a practical and interesting business concept? Before mentioning its specific advantages I will say that fundamentally this is a great business since it complies with the concept of “active” that Robert Kiyosaki suggests in his readings. An asset is nothing more than a business that almost automatically puts money in your pocket. And in fact it is thus practically you realize an initial investment in the machines, the sources of product, you place them in strategic places and from there the business begins to work in automatic. So now, I am going to list some of the unique advantages that make this one of my favorite business models. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.


#15. Advantages of Vending Machines and others Business Idea

Advantages of Vending Machines and others business ideas
Advantages of Vending Machines

You do not need employees. In fact, you can self-employ yourself because the work to supply and maintain them is minimal. And unless you grow to a significant network of machines, you do not need more technical support to run your business. You do not need to be there to attend to it. This means that you do not need to spend 8 hours a day and 6 days a week controlling your business. You can dedicate only a few hours to make a route and verify the status of the machines, supply them, withdraw the money and verify that everything goes in order. You do not need a commercial space. In fact, part of the mechanics of running a vending machine business consists of renting or borrowing dead spaces in corridors of shopping centers or within certain specific local businesses. So you do not need to pay rent to make your business work. There will hardly be claims of any kind from your clients. The vending business is an automated business based on machines and you will rarely have to face complicated situations of claims or problems to solve unless one of your machines fails which is another issue.

Your vending machines will work 24 hours while you dedicate yourself to other activities. So is. Your business works 24×7. Every day, all the time and that represents the best reason to invest in vending machines. And the most important advantage of all: the investments of vending machines are minimal compared to all the benefits and high profitability that can come to represent you and even some can be purchased for rent while you gather some capital to buy them.


#16. School of Models and Hostesses Business Idea

School of Models and Hostesses business ideas
School of Models and Hostesses

Recent studies confirm that in the modern era, physical attractiveness is increasingly important to promote and call attention to events, commercial notices, and promotions. And this is not a secret of today but rather an ancient tradition. Since time immemorial, accompanying a brand, a product or creating a concept accompanied by the image of a pleasant and physically attractive person have been factors of proven success. To such an extent that the promotion and marketing systems have required every day more the services of companies of models and hostesses that provide this important element of feminine or masculine beauty, prepared properly to offer a professional image. Today we can see how female models enrich attractiveness in car competitions, computer advertising, tools, magazines, popular drinks and even government advertising. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.

Recommended: School of Personal Defense for Women, Everyone will pay more attention if the guideline is an attractive young man or a beautiful girl professionally trained to highlight the qualities of a brand. And since not everyone has such training, you can start the business of modeling, which consists of forming a basic school to prepare young people to exercise their presence and good image their profession, learn etiquette tips, dress, makeup, body attitude, physical preparation and even speaking in public. This, accompanied of course with the offer of the services of aides in important events, that are chosen among the students of the school. Of course, entering the world of advertising modeling requires a major effort and surely have the advice and support of specialized personnel such as stylists, makeup artists, professional models, nutritionists, gymnastics instructors, and a team of beauty professionals to advise you. In addition, it is a type of business that can be exploited from different points of view and that still has an important demand at the Latin American level.


#17. Courses for Children Business Idea

Courses for Children academy business ideas
Courses for Children

Of all the business ideas available, there are two that are especially interesting because of their variety and because they are markets that can be easily captivated by the emotional ingredient that they entail, these are the ladies and the children. Today I present a business option that you can put into practice to make money very easily, with few resources, minimal investment and in a short time. It is about implementing courses for children. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.

Courses for children have the following advantages: They can be offered for short periods, say 1 or 2 months or intermediate periods of 3 to 4 months depending on the kind of instruction to offer. You can charge a registration fee and a monthly fee. You can include the sale of instruments, accessories or implements necessary for learning. You have the possibility to organize an extraordinary event for which parents will feel enthusiastic that their children participate with an additional cost.

Swimming: you can sublet a pool at a club or resort near your area and offer swimming lessons for children. Of course, if you do not have enough experience you should hire a professional to teach the courses.

Music Classes: if you have the ability you can teach courses in instruments such as guitar, piano, drums or singing.

Martial Arts or Karate: you will need to hire an expert in martial arts to teach the courses and organize exams and championships. You will need for this a minimum infrastructure of the gym with mats that will depend on the number of students to attend.

Painting: you need to have a small classroom to teach classes as well as suitable paintings and resources.

Dance and dance: similar to some previous ones, you need an area to teach the classes and some mirrors.

Others: English, computer, reading, cooking, crafts. A little more specialized: Speaking in public (for teenagers), Camps, Theater, etc. In general, terms, to offer courses and workshops you need classrooms that you can quickly and easily enable in a room in your home. Instruments that you can easily get. And most importantly a great creativity to organize and promote your courses.


#18. Create Solutions and Convert them into Lucrative Businesses idea

Create Solutions and Convert them into Lucrative Businesses
Lucrative Businesse

Have you ever stopped to think that all the things that surround us and that we use or consume daily were invented by someone as a solution to a problem or need? From the simplest accessories such as an umbrella, a multipurpose knife or an iron, too much-sophisticated objects like the microwave oven, the cell phone or even the Internet. All were born in the mind of someone who had the vision to offer solutions to common needs and was then turned into big businesses that transformed the world. Today I share some ways to exploit your ideas to turn them into inventions that in turn can be the very lucrative business. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.

Create practical products: I remember perfectly that some years ago it was almost inconceivable to imagine that the water would be sold in bottles or even in a bag. Now, however, you find in the supermarket and in any store not only water but guacamole, tortillas, sauces and a thousand products in a bag that you simply take and use. If you look carefully, you will find a good business niche in the invention of practical products.

Create innovative products: Every day there appear in the market sophisticated devices that at the beginning because of their high technology have a high price but that over time have become products within the reach and taste of all. Color ink printers, computers, iPods, game consoles, plasma TVs and even remote-controlled toys are invented and manufactured in the minds of those who convert high technology into consumer products.

Create products for emergencies or contingencies: The life jackets, long-range flashlights, rescue equipment, fire hoses, ambulance equipment and a thousand other items have been invented by people who develop a desire to improve and make more effective systems of rescue or mechanisms of action in case of disasters. A niche that at the same time is very good business is a very noble segment.

Create products to improve communication: this is a business segment that has never found its limit. From the telegraph, radio transmitters, beepers to cell phones or satellite phones, improved communication systems are welcome all over the world and better if solutions represent cost improvements. If you are a creative person and you know electronics, surely you can contribute many ideas that allow you to develop or create new means of communication in your community.

Create products on the Internet: since I started using the Internet 10 years ago, I have watched with amazement as every day new sites appear with extraordinary products that make the use of the Internet more comfortable and productive. I have seen as young people of 20 years have created from their dormitories in the university the biggest portals that have become multimillion dollar companies like Yahoo, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, eBay and I could not stop mentioning google.com And it is that on the internet, the limits do not exist. If you know about the subject, you will surely find a thousand ideas that will help you create innovative products that you could turn into exceptional businesses. To finish, I consider that this is only the first part of the ideas that I want to propose to you to start developing in your mind inventions of products and solutions that you could implement. But there is much more! There are people around you creating music, creating video games, creating clothing designs that are more and more youthful and new, creating food dishes or designs of modern buildings.


#19. Courses and Seminars Business Idea

Courses and Seminars academy business ideas
Courses and Seminars

Our experience and knowledge are probably the most important assets that we all have. You may be a car mechanic or a computer technician. Perhaps your specialty is the preparation of clothing or the preparation of delicious recipes typical of your region. Maybe you are a sales genius or a school teacher. Regardless of what you do, you have surely invested good years learning and improving what you currently do. You are your best product, so make it a great business to make money and without leaving what you currently do. Maybe you’ve heard about Steve Irwin, the famous and recently deceased “crocodile hunter”. A man who made a fortune, doing what he liked best: traveling in the jungle, being an expert in wild animals and teaching others about it. He knew how to turn his passion into a big and lucrative business. Many people make great fortunes talking about what they do best. Here are some ideas on how you can transform your knowledge into extra income. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.

  • He teaches courses
  • He teaches Seminars and Conferences
  • Prepare Audio CDs or Videos
  • Write a Book or an Instruction
  • Offers Consulting

Any of these options can help you convert the valuable knowledge you have gained into cash. Of course, you will have to invest a few hours in the preparation and planning of your material and also, you must visualize it as your company and proceed with the known steps: a business plan, a budget, and a marketing plan but with minimal investment. And be assured that in many places you will appreciate your knowledge and experience if you know how to sell it in an attractive and professional way. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners


#20. Develop software Business Idea

 Develop software business ideas
Develop software

One of the most profitable and competitive businesses in the world today is the development of software in its various presentations. However, as in any business to be successful and prosperous, it is necessary to know and master everything related to it. If you are a computer scientist, an expert in programming or have knowledge of software development, today I share how you can turn this skill into a lucrative business. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.

The software industry: Software development is a multi-billion dollar industry that many visionaries have managed to exploit too well. It is enough to listen to the extraordinary stories of Microsoft, Macromedia, Linux and hundreds of other great developers to imagine the scope that a good marketing strategy can represent for a software manufacturer. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.

Software business: Until a few years ago, venture investors gave any amount of money for a company that offered great ideas in terms of programming and although today this offer has decreased, there are still potential niches for creative developers who dream of becoming rich.

The product: The success of the software business consists in the versatility of its product that allows offering computer programs for the solution of an infinity of needs. From productivity programs, engineering, entertainment to sophisticated scientific applications, software developers have in their hands a product that can represent extraordinary profits, even residual.

The Marketing strategy: The business of the software fundamentally consists of the manufacture of a program to solve a specific need that works well and to sell the licenses (copies of the same one) to the greater possible quantity of consumers obtaining, therefore, a return to the hours of investment in programming. And for the strategy to be successful, it must be viewed from different points of view and find the alternative that is most viable, both in terms of promotion and price. Develop a program that competes with existing ones. This option is highly recommended not for lack of ingenuity but because competitors in the field of commercial software are usually very powerful and with many options quite finished at prices often less than $ 100 dollars. Develop a program tailored to a particular niche. For small developers, this is usually a more viable option because it allows them to compete in better conditions since their solutions are much more focused. Of course, the true return of profits occurs when we manage to sell the largest possible number of licenses of our software and for this, the Internet is an extraordinary ally. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.

The price, the key of the Software business: Of course, the price of software programs is decisive for success and it is a proven fact that expensive software does not interest anyone. Why? Very simple, there are hundreds of free options for that solution that we are offering or looking for. Hence the concept of Shareware, a genius of marketing that consists in offering a preliminary (limited) version of the software that the potential buyer can use for 30 days and if it meets their requirements then you can purchase the full version.

How much your software should be worth is very difficult to determine. In some niches, if the solution is novel, ingenious and practical, you can still charge very well, but for standard programs or that we want to introduce to the market a price above the US $ 150 will be unattractive. Studying and analyzing carefully how far we want to go is crucial when putting a price on our product that will be multiplied by the number of licenses we sell. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.

Conclusion: The story goes that Bill Gates, the famous and admirable founder of Microsoft, never developed the D.O.S. I simply bought it for $ 20,000 from an anonymous programmer and then sold millions of copies of this software. His genius rather than being a technician has been to be a commercial expert to turn the software into a profitable business. And similar stories happened with Windows and with other products that you and I probably use on our computers. Every developer has to balance the development strategy with the marketing and sales strategy in order to build a true and lucrative software business that provides the expected satisfaction. It is the best successful Small Business Ideas for Beginners.

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