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25+ Most Profitable Small Business Ideas in Bangladesh & Opportunity

Here is the list of 25+ Most Profitable Small Business Ideas in Bangladesh & Opportunity. I write this article because Bangladesh is a small country but here have a great opportunity in the Business sector.Our country all people are not rich, they want to do something for his family and own. Who wants to change his luck by business? this article helps him to chose his best business ideas.

List of 25+ Most Profitable Small Business Ideas in Bangladesh & Opportunity


Garbage collection of an apartment building business ideas
Garbage collection of an apartment building

# 1. Garbage Collection of an Apartment Building

Disposal arrangements can be made from the buildings of Dhaka City (other major cities), which collects garbage in systematically. Eighteen rupees are spent on this type of apartment complex in Elephant Road. Garbage Collection and Disposal will be the main work of this initiative. But in the future, recycling can also be expanded by expanding it further. An organization named West Concern in Bangladesh does some such work.

 Pasteurized milk supply at home
milk supply

# 2. Pasteurized Milk Supply at Home

Pasteurized milk supply at home is the best small business ideas in Bangladesh. About 3 lakh families live in Uttara Ela. It has 10% milk demand per day. If you take 1 liter, only 30 thousand liters! If you can make 5000-liter subscribers, big business.

Tourism online business in Bangladesh
Tourism online

# 3. Tourism Online

Collect data from different locations in our country, make a good website by taking photographs. Exposing to the outside world through the Internet. As well as communicate with various hotel and Bangladeshi tourism companies. In the same way, acting as a “middleman” rather than a physical exam.

candle making business in Bangladesh
candle making

# 4. Candle Making

There are load-shedding in which candles can be easily made by making candles. Making candles by wearing paraffin, general and different types of candles are not a business.

Community Services Business Ideas
Community Services

# 5. Community Services

(The job of the unemployed boy in the house: D): To fix the school’s school, home clothes iron + washing, dirt management, chest management, market, any repairs, home changers, etc. One home, one client – If you get 500 rupees in a month, then 2 people will be able to manage 50/60. Being flat or in a building, it is not very difficult to earn 25/30 thousand rupees. People need strong management to keep their reputation healthy and confident.

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Daycare center establishment and management
Daycare center

# 6. Daycare Center Establishment and Management

Work-aged parents will leave their child’s care and maintenance on day-care center before going to the office and take them on the way to the evening/evening. Or it may be that the daycare center will bring the children through their own transport in the morning and reach the house in the evening. Day Care Center Children will be charged a monthly fee, including adjustment fees, for food (according to the menu), medicine, basic education, entertainment, sports, care, and maintenance. Due to the outbreak of corporate culture, the expansion and possibility of this business are increasing day by day.

Gift items business ideas
Gift items

# 7. Gift Items

The gift item is very lacking in the country. There is nothing available to give a nice gift to any event/event. All of these can be done in a business. Its main theme, Green, and Indigenous. Items of jute, clay items, nipper work on clothes, leather items, homemade paper, ceramic design, bamboo, cane items, dried flowers, gift basket, gift giving gifts to children, etc. According to the prices, these can be divided into a few. Gift box of 100 items / 200 boxes / 300 take / 500 take / 1000 taka Gift can be wrapped, gifts can be delivered to the recipient. It’s good to have a branding. Read More…

Interior Design (And Construction)
Interior Design

# 8. Interior Design (And Construction)

A design firm can be made. Interior Design / Suggestion in the house. It will be good to say to the landlord if you have to wear a ring tile with a color, what will be the screen in the reading room. How good is a sofa design in the living room? How to customize cabinets in kitchenettes if needed, supply all the supplies. Will say you need to put a bulb, how many UPSs will be required. Why would it be good to charge it with solar? Design / Landscaping of small garden adjacent to the home.

Nurseries (old ideas, but smart)

# 9. Nurseries (old ideas, but smart)

Nurseries are the most successful small business ideas in Bangladesh. Foliage and flowering plants can be produced. With Orchid Cultures Our Rakia tissue culture will produce millions of saplings in a cheap way. A few steps away from conventional nurseries can be grown in houses, plants, bonsai, different types of fruits (starfruit, strawberry, cherry, avocado, etc.). As a companion, fancy Katutura can be observed.

Mobile loads business for beginner
Mobile loads

# 10. Mobile Loads

It is known as the Flexi load’s business. Flexi load’ is a very low investment small business ideas in Bangladesh. It is possible to start a business with a table chair by depositing an account and some money. Various operators offer different quality commissions. However, like thousands of rupees 30-35 how much does it cost?

Phone, fax, photocopy, and computer compose
computer compose

# 11. Phone, Fax, Photocopy, and Computer Compose

This is a public call center business. People of any country like the people of Bangladesh do not talk so much. Work will be the business of the phone. The fax can be kept as such as photocopy and computer printing and composite work. Internet connection can be placed on the Internet. Buying a printer cum scanner does not require a separate fax. Although it is a difficult business in cities like Dhaka, there are many opportunities at the Upazila level.

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IT business: Joomla template / extension made
IT Business

# 12. IT business: Joomla Template / Extension Made

Free Sources Content Management Software Joomla Template is now very demanding. An 8-10 people can only stand by doing this business

The business of web hosting
web hosting

# 13. The Business of Web Hosting

Buy it again by buying the website hosting in the Whole Cell. Must have to hold on the Internet, have a system of payment systems abroad. There are costs in marketing.

Website construction business
Website construction

# 14. Website Construction

There are currently many governments and non-government colleges around villages, mofussil, and big cities. More new private colleges, which have no own website, are being established. Those who know WordPress and Joomla’s work, they can fall back to making Group Wise websites. I think college authorities will accept it.

Sugarcane juice bottled and sold
Sugarcane juice bottled

# 15. Sugarcane Juice Bottled and Sold

In our country, people are eating juice of sugarcane in this extreme hot street. If you want to eat but the mixture of ice is very unhealthy. If this juice was processed and sold through packets/bottles then there would be a new business and we would not have any health risks. Read More…

Assembling hand classes Business Ideas
Assembling hand classes

# 16. Assembling Hand Classes

Currently, only 4 lakhs of demand for hand luggage in the country of these, 10% means a project for 40 thousand pieces. Just think about the production of handcuffs, it will continue. Marketing through the Patuatuli wholesale market will be easy. Internships can be done in the country’s wall clock organizations.

Cell phone factory Business Ideas
Cell phone factory

# 17. Cell Phone Factory

The country is now selling 1.5 million mobile phones a month. Of this, it is not difficult to establish a plant for 6-7% ie only one lakh. Technical knowledge is available. Go to China and find someone who wants to invest in Bangladesh. If they have their own place, then they will have to pay the money.

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Laundry (Was, Iron) Services

# 18. Laundry (Was, Iron) Services

Wasting and ironing plant will be installed at a specific place. Home delivery will be given within the stipulated time, according to the requirement of the Kashmir, according to the needs of the commodity, by its own transportation and manpower, to go home and collect clothes. Without the washing plant, instead of doing the same with the iron in the sub-contract, it is possible to start the business. This area-based business is easy to do. Besides, there is a lack of educated and well-groomed people in this field. If you can provide better services by providing improved, pure, fresh food, the name will be spread gradually – business is a matter of time.

Hotel catering business
Hotel catering

# 19. Hotel-Catering

This area-based business is easy to do. Besides, there is a lack of educated and well-groomed people in this field. If you can provide better services by providing improved, pure, fresh food, the name will be spread gradually – business is a matter of time. Read More…

seasonal business of Jack fruits

# 20. Jackfruits Can be Processed and Marketed

jackfruit processing is the best seasonal small business ideas in Bangladesh. You want to produce huge quantities of jackfruit in Gazipur, you can think of doing it a jackfruit processing factory here. Read More…

Online e-ticketing Business Ideas
Online e-ticketing

# 21. Online e-Ticketing

This idea was rotting on my head for a long time. Many sites sell special tickets in our country, but to sell all types of tickets on a platform, a site that has not been seen in my site is available where all types of tickets are available. It is the best small business ideas in Bangladesh.

Preparation of Soya Milk Business Ideas
Preparation of Soya Milk

# 22. Preparation of Soya Milk

Soya Milk can be marketed by studying an alternative source of employment. Soy milk can be supplied at home or at home by preparing a machine or machine. The process of making soy milk is very easy to download from the internet and make this milk. This milk is healthier and free from the smell of milk. If a good business is done at the local level, then it can be done in a big factory, be it rabbits, trade at national and international level.


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# 23. Here are Some small business ideas in Bangladesh only for you :

  •  Fashion House

  • Baby and Mother’s Product Business

  • Open a Toy Shop in Bangladesh

  • Stationary Shop for Students

  • Fast Food Shop Business in Bangladesh

  •  Coffee Shop Business

  • Mobile Phone Selling Shop

  • Small Scale Restaurant Business

  • Barber or salon shop business in Bangladesh

  • Cosmetics shop for girls

  •  A fixed price shop for men’s products

  • An Ice-cream shop


# 24. More Small Future Business Ideas in Bangladesh

  • Business Plan Writing
  • Provide lunch in the corporate office
  • Online Shop or E-commerce business
  • Make a YouTube Channel earn money from Bangladesh
  • Social Media Manager
  • Car Wash Business
  • Rent wedding dresses
  • Security Service Company
  •  Start Bee farming business in Bangladesh

# 25. Here are some another exclusive profitable small business Bangladesh Based.

  • Furniture Shop is the best small business ideas in Bangladesh.
  • Mobile Food Cart
  • Artificial Tree and Flower Making Business
  • Invest in IPO
  • Invest in Secondary Share Market in Bangladesh
  • Insurance Agent
  • Monetize your website with Google Ad Sense
  • Online Newspaper business
  • T-shirt Business
  • Small Scale Sports Products Manufacturing Business
  • Leather belt Manufacturing Business
  • Small Scale Garments Business in Bangladesh
  • Start Photography

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