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35+Best Successful Business Woman in India

‘Your Story’ is witness to the challenges and conflicts of the Successful business woman in India and their inspiring stories. Women entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and many other motivating women are stuck in their work and they have pushed the barricades in the pursuit of success and looking for successes. Retail, technology, adventure, education or social entrepreneurship – in any area, the strength of women entrepreneurs is increasing every year. More and more women are coming out of their convenient areas and are emerging as leaders and transformative. Here is a list of +35 women entrepreneurs who have chosen a low-traffic way, accepted challenges and did not like to look back. If you want to know a more successful businessman in the world then please visit this article.

List of +35 Best Successful Business Woman in India


#1. Aditi Awasthi

Aditi Awasthi successful businesswomen in India
Aditi Awasthi

Founded of the Education Startup Embibe

Aditi Awasthi is the founder and CEO of Mumbai based Education Technology Startup Amber, which connects technology and data science and helps students in competitive complex examinations (MCCE) like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT and SET / AIPMT. Ambien has designed analytical analytics engine to work on psychological factors such as catching vulnerabilities, catching the vulnerabilities, and self-confidence, students centered around good performance matrix in exams such as Speed, Accuracy, Time Management, Attempt Planning, Stamina.


#2. Aditi Gupta

Aditi Gupta indian businesswoman
Aditi Gupta

Founder of Struggle

Aditi Gupta is the most Successful business woman in India and founder of Struggle, who is educating the society about the menstrual health and sanitation through its website. Instrumental is a friendly guideline for monthly secretion, which aims to provide informative content through the media. Instrumental is a major step towards removing the misconceptions of Taboo present on the monthly secretion.


#3. Ajanta Shah

Founder and CEO of the Frontier Market established

Ajanta Shah is the founder and CEO of the Frontier Market established in 2010. The focus of the frontier market is on the last mile distribution of the products of different manufacturers. Products are essentially clean energy products. Ajanta Ji, BA in International Relations from Tufts University. And has been a catalyst in the Help Scale Clean Energy Access Global.

#4. Anu Sreedharan

CEO of NeXTDrop

Anu Sreedharan is the best Successful business woman in India and CEO of NeXTDrop, a special enterprise who provides accurate and reliable information about the delivery of water through messaging. The residents provide timely and reliable information about water supply through pipes. NextDrop was founded in the twin cities of Karnataka, Hubli-Dharwad.


#5. Arpita Ganesh

Arpita Ganesh Indian busnesswomen
Arpita Ganesh

Founder of an underwear company  Buttercups

Arpita Ganesh is the founder of an underwear company Buttercups, which was established on 1 November 2008 to help women get online underwear in line with their correct size and personal fitting. Arpita, the famous ‘Indian Bra Queen’ in the international circle, is the only bra fitter in the country and she has fitted for 3000 women so far.

#6. Ashwini Ashokan

Ashwini Ashokan successful business women
Ashwini Ashokan

Founder of Mad Street Dane

Ashwini Ashokan is the founder of Mad Street Dane (Mind Ableived Devices) and founder of Mad Street Lab (UX Think Tank). Mad Street Dane is making them more useful by making machines more humane. This is providing artificial intelligence for the app. Ashwini Ji has come from outside to Chennai. Prior to joining Chennai and starting her venture with her husband, she was a mobile portfolio manager at Analysis and Experience Research Lab in Silicon Valley. She is the best Successful business woman in India.


#7. Chitra

Co-founder and CEO of Gurnani Daga Thrillophilia

Chitra is the co-founder and CEO of Gurnani Daga Thrillophilia, which is a one-stop solution for travel, curated tours, and experiences and offbeat holidays. Chitra G is MBA from ISB, Hyderabad and he has worked with SAP in the past. He established the thrombophilia in association with his husband Abhishek Daga.


#8. Devdatta

Co-founder of Upadhyay TimesSyver

Devdatta is the co-founder of Upadhyay TimesSyver, a mobile first-time marketplace connecting people seeking services and providing financial services. In other words, this is a marketplace of services.


#9. Garima Sajita

Businesswomen Garima Sajita
Garima Sajita

Founder of Posh win

Garima Sajita is the most Successful business woman in India and founder of Posh win. Prior to starting Posh wine, he worked in JobCom and Ozone Media. Posh wine makes people the unique experience of their loved ones. Whether there are cooking classes or travel, workshops or trekking – you can see everything happens with Posh wine.


#10. Harpreet Kaur

Harpreet Kaur businesswomen in India
Harpreet Kaur

Co-founder of their third venture Love 4 Apple

Harpreet Kaur is the co-founder of their third venture Love 4 Apple. He is also the Chief Operator of the successful IT service and product provider Company System 3 in India. Love 4 sells accessories for Apple Apple products, including covers designed by the best artists and platforms for customers to produce their personalized items. The business is always a passion for them.


#11. Jaya Jha

Jaya jha successful businessman
jaya Jha

Co-founder of Instyakrish

Jaya Jha is the co-founder of Instyakrish, Pothi.com. Jaya Ji has had success due to her love for entrepreneurship, technology, and poetry. Together with Abhay Agrawal he founded self-publishing platform Pothi.com and is now in scrutinizing it to convert the theme of the e-book * .rtf format that is commonly used in Microsoft Word document to IPB and MOBI format.


#12. Kanika Takriwal

Kanika Takriwal businesswoman in India
Kanika Takriwal

Founder of Jetsetsu

Kanika Takriwal is the founder of Jetsetsu. This Interactive Technology Driven Platform offers consumers the ability to find and rent aircraft and helicopters throughout India. Jetsetgo has a fleet of about 80 percent of private jets in India. This entrepreneur struggled with cancer and he is a relentless follower of hope and positivity.


#13. Kavita Iyer

Kavita Iyer successful businesswomen
Kavita Iyer

Co-founder of Thermite Novobiologics

Kavita Iyer is the co-founder of Thermite Novobiologics, established in 2013. Marathon runner, an amateur painter, amateur artist and former gymnast and many entrepreneurship poetry Ji founded InBiPro in 2007. After leaving the InBioPro, he kept the there biologics in mind, keeping in mind the Bio-Seminar and Bio-Better development that combined drug designing with platform technologies. In October, he got Rs 27.8 crore from Arin Capital, excel partners IDG Ventures and Karnataka State Government funded Kitwen. Of funding and in January 2014, he established his new laboratory.

#14. Lisa Sawaw

Eye Brands Beverage Jazz Ltd Is the Chairman and General Manager

Lisa Sawaw Eye Brands Beverage Jazz Ltd Is the Chairman and General Manager The Company was founded in August 2010 and today it is rewriting the rules of the liquor industry. Their aim was to make international quality and affordable for our customers in order to blend, design, view and feel. She is the most Successful business woman in India.


#15. Neeru Sharma

Co-founder of Infibeam

Neeru Sharma is the co-founder of Infibeam. After working for Amazon and Alcatel, they realized their motives that they wanted to start their own venture with the help of innovative and energetic youths. Infibeam is a very successful e-commerce platform for automobiles, books, and electronics in India. Its headquarters are in Ahmedabad. It has offices in three other cities and employs approximately 1300 employees. It has also acquired some other companies such as Picksquire and Odigma in 2008.


#16. Neetu Bhatia

Co-founder and CEO of Khejunga

Neetu Bhatia is co-founder and CEO of Khejunga, which started in 2007. Neetu, an investment banker-turned entrepreneur, has done MS in Management and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Kayjuung is a company of entertainment and sports ticketing.


#17. Neha Behani

Indian businesswoman Neha Behani
Neha Behani

Co-founder of Musical

Neha Behani is the co-founder of Musical, which is the in-store radio for local shops, allowing the customers to interact with the playlist at the places they have signed up. He quit his job and started this successful venture which got funding of $ 50,000 in 2013.


#18. Neha Motwani

Founder of Furninti

Neha Motwani is the founder of Furninti. Trustworthy fitness content and e-store supportive platform for people looking for fitness wishing to find and book fitness-related activities. The idea of fitness in Neha ji came during her fitness journey and her intention was to provide a complete solution for the enthusiastic people of India’s fitness.

#19. Pallavi Gupta

Co-founder of Mast Kalandar

Pallavi Gupta is the co-founder of Mast Kalandar. In 2006, Pallavi and her husband Gaurav Jain gave up IT jobs to start a restaurant. In recent years, his popularity has grown remarkably and now he has 50 branches in four cities. It is clear that his experience in retail consultancy was not only helpful in information technology.


#20. Pandhury Srivastava

Co-founder of Grabehouse

Pandhury Srivastava is the co-founder of Grabehouse and CMO. When Pankhari reached Mumbai, he did not even anticipate that he would be working in real estate. Due to the difficulty of obtaining accommodation bypassing brokers, it was talked of in the minds of his and his co-founders – icon Shukla and Ankit Singhal. The Grabhouse is now India’s largest flatmate search engine and it has recently received funding of $ 5 million to achieve short-term housing.


#21. Parul Gupta

Co-founder of Sliderul

Parul Gupta is the co-founder of Sliderul. His IIT has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Mumbai and he has worked with IBM Research. Slidrum is a useful product for people looking for online courses in every subject.

#22. Pramad Jadhyali

co-founder of Latent view

Pramad Jadhyali is the co-founder of Latent view, a data analytics and data management company. Pramad received education in computer science from Bits, Pilani and did an MBA from IIM, Kolkata. After this, he started working in financial services (and analytics) for more than a decade before starting the company.


#23. Prashu Bhandari

Co-founder of Kultarli

Prashu Bhandari is the co-founder of Kultarli. The focus of Culturally different from other apps that help you to learn languages is to create a game while learning it. It also allows people to personalize their programs while being active on Twitter and it is completely free! Pranshu’s app taught more than 3.5 million people to Mandarin and Spanish. He is crazy about design and technology.


#24. Preeta Sukhtankar

Founder of The Labels Corp

Preeta Sukhtankar is the founder of The Labels Corp. It is an online retail brand where Creative Druktur products are curated. The label Corp was founded in 2012 and it acquired Series A Capital from Kalari Capital.


#25. Priya Maheshwari

Co-founder of Proprietary Made in India

Priya Maheshwari is the best Successful business woman in India and co-founder of Proprietary Made in India to bring trust, transparency, and professionalism in the procurement and sale of the property. Priya is a graduate of Ivy League who was in the Bay Area of California before coming to Bangalore. After acquiring real estate in America, he wants to help Indian customers in making good decisions in terms of purchasing the property.


#26. Prukalpa Sankar 

Co-Founder – SocialCops

The project is the co-founder of Shankar Social Cops. Social Cops is a Technology Data Company established in 2012, which provides strength in decision-making on the basis of data on health care, education and public authority in the field of public order. This technology uses the power of mobile and social community to make better decisions on the basis of high-level data obtained from the ground level. Their mission is to provide large-scale data in the areas where it is needed.


#27. Radhika Ghai Agarwal

Co-founder of Shopchloo

Radhika Ghai Agarwal is the co-founder of Shopchloo established in 2011 and is a CMO which is a marketplace linking buyers and sellers online. Radhika did an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis. He also has a masters degree in advertising and public relations. She is an avid follower of fashion.


#28.  Zodi

Co-founder of Chaudhary Lokbalanya

Zodi is the co-founder of Chaudhary Lokbalanya and the COO, which is one of the first companies to start work in the retail sector of CPG / FMCG. By May 2014, the service was serving more than 600 daily in Mumbai, Thane, and Navi Mumbai.


#29. Zodiac Narang

Founder of ‘Poosh’ and Fun Dogi Counters

Zodiac Narang is the founder of ‘Poosh’ and Fun Dogi Counters’ special luxury brand Heads Up for Tales in India. It was started in 2008 after researching one year and getting an understanding of pet business and pet market in India.


#30. Richa

Co-founder and CEO of Jivam

Richa is the co-founder and CEO of Jivam, the online retailer of women’s lingerie. After working with BITS, Pilani, he worked for some days in the Information Technology Industry. Prior to joining, he also worked with a retailer and Global Technology Company.


#31. Rishika Chandan

Founder and CEO of the Mumbai-based company Home Salon

Rishika Chandan is the founder and CEO of the Mumbai-based company Home Salon. Being an investment banker, he often did not get weeks to go for personal care and salon. That’s why they thought of giving beauty treatments at home only through a clean, professional and trained therapist.


#32. Sabina Chopra

Founder of the journey

Sabina Chopra is the most Successful business woman in India and founder of the journey established in 2006. Travel is Gurgaon based online travel search engine. Sabina has been working for 16 years. He is a B.A. from Delhi University. Are there.


#33. Sari

Founder of the Agile Sheros and Flaximomas

Sari is the founder of the Agile Sheros and Flaximomas. Established in January 2014, the Sherry helps in working from home in India. Sare Jee is developing a community of working women by helping in acquiring the mentor and resources. Their focus is on women trying to build a career while balancing work and life.


#34. Neha Tulsyan

Co-founders of Tulsyan Postist

Neha Tulsyam is the best Successful business woman in India. The witnesses are co-founders of Tulsyan Postist. The role of witness in the posist is to ‘catalyze the efficiency’. Their skills can be guessed. Probably because of his love for cooking, he participated in the establishment of a cloud-based restaurant management platform cloud presenting solutions for table order, delivery, expenditure, and recipes etc.


#35. Soumya Vardhan

PMG and Operations and Technology Consultant

Soumya Vardhan started Shubhupuja in 2013. This Delhi-based portal is in the role of a religious forum where people from different professions worship and perform rituals on various occasions. Soumya worked as KPMG and Operations and Technology Consultant in Ernst & Young in London. He has done an MBA from the Imperial College of the UK.

#36. Sneha Raisoni

Founder of Tappu’s shop

Sneha Raisoni is the best Successful business woman in India and founder of Tappu’s shop. The job of chartered accountants and investment bankers was not enough for Sneha’s creativity. A few years ago, he started the retail business of the sale of the Original Pieces designed. There are some examples of creativity such as scooters such as pizza cutters, colorful boxes for jewelry etc., which are present in Tappu’s shop.

#37. Shuchi Mukherjee

Founder and CEO of Leonard

Shuchi Mukherjee is the founder and CEO of Leonard. After the career of manufacturing for Skype, eBay and Facebook, Shuchi Mukherjee started his own online retail platform which had tremendous success. It has more than 600 sellers, half of which only work for Leonard’s work. Since April 2013, its traffic has increased tenfold. With the clarity of his team-related efficiency, performance, and vision, he got funding of $ 1.5 million in the second round early this year.


#38. Saurabh Deora

Founder of MyCareerGuide

Saurabh Deora is the founder of MyCareerGuide. Engineering degree and passion for education provided Surbhi the ability to start one of the most successful portals of career counseling of students. MyCareguideGuide is different from other portals that can be accessed from anywhere through the internet and at any time. Due to the team’s efficiency, the portal won the Best Career Guidance Platform Award in the Ischom Concepts 2012. She is the best Successful business woman in India.


#39. Vaish Tuki

Founder of the Mobikvic Co-Founder and the Jack pay

Vaish Tuki is the founder of the Mobikvic Co-Founder and the Jack pay. The passion of devotion towards empowering possible payment systems, bestowed on Payal’s work in Silicon Valley, brought them into challenging and fascinating world of the startup in India. Here, Mobikvic (who has recently started his mobile money transfer service) has solved online payment related problems where he is the head of business development and merchant operations. Because of this passion, he has set up his payment company, Jack pay.


#40. Valerie Wagner

Co-founder of Zipdial

Valerie Wagner is the Successful business woman in India and co-founder of Zipdial, which provides mobile marketing and analytics platform for global brands in the emerging markets to keep 100% pairs of customers. Valery Ji studied from Stanford University and in the early days of her career, she worked with eBay and two startups – Ning and Army – in Silicon Valley where she was among the first five employees.

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