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4 Easy Ways to Make How to start a YouTube channel and make money Faster

Do you want to know how to start a YouTube channel and make money? Is it so easy to earn money in this portal as at first glance it seems? These questions and some more I will clarify in this post. Hello again! The promise is debt and I update the blog once again this week (let’s see if I can follow this rhythm, it will do what I can) with a theme that follows the thread perfectly with the YouTube saga I’m doing. We all know that a person can make a channel on YouTube and that they can even earn money. Proof of this is that there are You tubers that live exclusively from this platform.

You only have to see these Spanish You tubers who have more than interesting income (not to mention frolicking) of which you can stick your father’s life and even doing bullshit. But, well, we are not going to be so drastic and we must also say that not everyone makes videos where he or she goes about doing nonsense, but can upload a video of martial arts scenes, reflections, motivation, movies, and news soon to an infinity of options. And obviously, they are making money, even more, than one is literally lining up. So far I think that everyone is clear about it, because otherwise, why would so many people spend time on this platform?

It is a very logical question, considering that some, despite investing many hours and upload many videos receive few visits in your channel, but others have millions. So do those who have few visits and those who have many receive the same? Or is the difference abysmal? Well, it seems that the article is getting complicated little by little because I am opening too many fronts. However, the logical answer would be that against more visits more will pay YouTube, and although the answer is correct, in turn, it is not at all. Now you will tell me, but what the fuck are you telling me, Jony? Quiet that you will now know it. Every people want to know how to start a YouTube channel and make money faster.


4 Easy Ways to Make How to start a YouTube channel and make money Faster


# Not all Videos Pay YouTube Visits that it Receives

Let’s go start discuss the more important topic of youtube that how to start a YouTube channel and make money. This is the solution of one of the crossword puzzles. Although it seems incredible, not all the videos that are uploaded to a channel pay YouTube visits. It is possible that in your channel you have 40 million visits and not receive a single cent. On the other hand, there are cases that for many fewer visits do. But why does that happen? How is it possible that there are channels that receive millions of visits and do not earn a hard currency when, on the other hand, others with fewer visits do? Well, everything depends on the theme of your channel.

So if you violate its policies, how is it possible to allow these visual contents on YouTube? Well, because like the content of adults do not comply with their regulations and anyway they are visible in your search engine, here is exactly the same. But what do I mean that this channel violates its regulations and that YouTube, therefore, does not pay for the visits it receives?


# YouTube Pays Visits Through its Advertising

I guess you’ll already know that YouTube belongs to Google. This means that the advertising that you see on this portal are the advertisers that are promoted through Google AdWords. Thanks to the advertisers that are promoted through Google AdWords, those people who have a channel, can monetize their videos with advertising through Google AdSense. Google AdSense is an exclusive platform for webmasters, developers, and You Tubers that take advantage of advertising from Google.

AdWords advertisers to earn commissions per click or impressions received in the ad. Google AdSense has its own policies and, in order to use your advertising, you must comply with its rules so that you do not have your account banned and lose all the money you have made (it would be a bitch). Therefore, it is important that you know the prohibited content of Google AdSense, because this way you will avoid serious problems.

Summing up accounts, it’s no use having millions of visits on your YouTube channel if afterward you cannot monetize it through your advertising because you will not win, literally, not even hard. And these people who do not comply with the AdSense policies have no monetization channel? The answer is yes but through other systems that in this post I will not specify because here I will only mention what you can offer YouTube directly and not with other sources (and I will make a specific post for it).


# How does YouTube Pay for Visits?

Also before the video starts or when it is finished, you will see that it has an advertisement that lasts a few seconds (sometimes you can remove them after a few seconds, but in other cases they do not), or that when you start playing, you will get an advertising banner inside the video in the lower part. Once you know this, the next thing is that they pay you for impressions or for each click that receives the advertising. Every people want to know how to start a YouTube channel and make money faster. So they have worked hard.


# So How Much Does YouTube Pay for Visits?

I know I’ve rolled more than a blind to explain how much you pay YouTube for each visit you receive in the videos of your channel, but it was necessary to explain all the above because otherwise, it would not make sense to know the last part if you do not know the most basic procedures. Having said that, let’s proceed: Actually telling you exactly how much YouTube pays for each visit is impossible, because each case is different. However, if we talk in general terms, you can pretty much make a slight idea.

It is also important to note that, normally, the advertising that comes out in the video will be according to what you are trying in your video or the tastes detected by Google of the person who is viewing your audiovisual, same for advertising a person who has 5,000 visits a month in total with his channel than another with 40 million. But hey, as we are going to talk in general lines let’s see how much I could pay YouTube in a given case.

Based on that for every 1,000 visits (or reproductions) you can charge 1 euro more or less, if you want to charge for example 250 euros per month through YouTube, you should upload a month about 4 videos and all of them had approximately 60,000 visits. And finally, it’s no use knowing how much YouTube pays for visits if you do not know how to do the most basic things so you can earn a living through this portal. Every people want to know how to start a YouTube channel and make money faster.

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