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40+Most Successful Business Ideas for a small village & a Small Town

More than 40+ Most Successful Business Ideas for a small village & a Small Town. We have organized them here by categories. Will you know how to turn one of them into a profitable company? If you do not like any of them, at least we hope they allow you to reflect and discover the concept that you could undertake. By the way, before you start, you can take a look at the tools I use every day for my own business, just as they serve you as well.

List of 40+Most Successful Business Ideas for a Small village & a Small Town

#1. Buy Wholesale and Sell Retail

Modern tools at your disposal, such as the electronic marketplace, allow you to buy almost anything at the best price. You can, for example, visit a website such as Solostocks.com (which usually has enough items at a good price) and see if you could dedicate yourself to selling products at retail. Depending on the type of items you buy and the number of units, the initial investment can be very reasonable. You can also choose other platforms like Etsy.com. You can also search for stocks of companies in liquidation to buy highly discounted products and sell them by units. You can start with little money, and then reinvest your initial earnings to be able to buy more.

#2. Write a Blog

Writing a blog is the best business ideas for a small village and small town. Creating a blog is undoubtedly an interesting way to start an online business. You will have to have specialized knowledge. Here we recently talked about the possibility of a blog about insurance, and more time ago about another celebrity. Although in reality, a domain does not cost much money (for less than € 100 a year you can have excellent accommodation), you can also start without paying anything, with a free blog.

#3. Insurance Brokerage

Are you an expert in the insurance sector? Why do not you set up your own brokerage? As an intermediary, you will not need much investment, and at the beginning, you can set up your office in a room of your house. You will have a lot of competition from other brokerages, but if you have a good network of contacts, you can get it.

#4. Be a Consultant in Your area of Expertise

More than one experienced professional, seasoned in many battles of the business world realize that many people could benefit from their knowledge. Some take the step of leaving their salaried job and set up a specialized consultancy. Ask yourself if you are an expert in something that you could monetize, maybe you can succeed as an independent consultant. It is the best business ideas for a small village.

Personal Trainer business ideas for a small village
Personal Trainer

#5. Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer is the best small Successful business ideas for a small village/ business ideas for a small town. And it is that to do the sport of efficient form and with the suitable frequency is not so easy. Having the services of a personal trainer for a few weeks is the best way to get serious and not give up.

Cleaning of boats business ideas for a small village
Cleaning of boats

#6. Cleaning of Boats

If you live in Madrid, we are sorry, probably this idea does not make you very funny. But since Spain is a maritime country, more than one inhabitant of a coastal city can consider a boat cleaning activity. It’s a seasonal business, whose high season is just starting now. It’s about touring the marinas and offering your services to leave the boats clean and ready for use. It is the best and low investment business ideas for a small village.

#7.  Mysterious Client

A mystery customer is a person who visits stores incognito as if he were a normal consumer, but he values the service and attention received. It also a good business idea for a small village/ business ideas for a small town.

#8. Translation Agency

Do you perfectly master another language? Why do not you offer your translation services to companies? One interesting track is all those online stores that only have one version in Spanish and do not take advantage of the full potential of the Internet. In a world where international exchanges are increasingly present, there are many more opportunities for translators, although of course also quite competitive.

#9. Make Jewelry

Make Jewelry is the best and profitable business ideas for a small village. If you know how to make necklaces, rings, bracelets and other jewelry pieces, you should think about selling them. You can follow different marketing strategies, especially organize sales at friends’ houses and set up your own website.

#10. Design and Manufacture Clothing for Fashion Stores

Even though the independent retail trade is going worse than the big chains, there will always be a market for the original creations. If you know how to make your own designs, you can choose to draw and make your own models, and then sell them to fashion stores.

#11. Virtual Assistant

A fundamental tendency of the economy is the outsourcing of non-strategic functions, a phenomenon accentuated in times of crisis. A single person can provide virtual assistant services to many professional and business ideas for small villages, with the consequent saving for them.

#12. Convert your Hobby into the Business

Are you a collector? This means that you have probably learned a lot about the object of your hobby. A good way to start a business without initial investment is to search and resell collectibles. You will have to learn to differentiate your amateur interest from your business objectives, but it can be a very profitable activity.

#13. Sell used Products on eBay

Another way to start a business without money is simply dedicating to the sale of second-hand products. For this, you can use portals known as eBay, or set up your own online store. Maybe it’s best to start with the first, and once you have contacts and fame, move to your own store. And what can you sell? In the blog, we proposed some exotic ideas like accordions of second hand or sewing machines, but you can do it with almost anything. Sell used products eBay is the most dependable business ideas for a small village.


#14. Organize Events

The organization of events needs a lot of organizational capacity, many contacts but practically no need for investment. You can think about planning weddings (one of the 10 examples of business plans that we proposed a few weeks ago), birthdays, or business events.

Personal Shopper business ideas for a small village
Personal Shopper

#15. Personal Shopper

If you love fashion, you can consider becoming a Personal Shopper that is, buying things for other people. As you can imagine, to convert this idea into profitable business you will have to have many contacts of a high socioeconomic class (in other words: rich), but it is quite difficult that you can live on it.

#16. Private Classes

Another business idea for a small village opportunity related to knowledge is the possibility of giving private lessons. Depending on your training you may be able to give classes to children who go to school, high school kids or even students at the university.

#17. Commercial Intermediary

We could also call it facilitating contacts. If you have a good commercial network, you can earn a lot of money without disbursing a single euro. The only thing you have to do (and it’s not easy, obviously), is to put people in contact who need to sell something to other people who need to buy that something. It is something that can be done in almost all sectors, but that can only be achieved by people with excellent business skills and a magnificent network of contacts.

#18. Heritage Manager

The crisis has made the activity of heritage manager flourish. Between a brick whose value plummets from month to month, a chaotic stock market, a wobbly euro, and precious metals are very expensive, it is very difficult for those who have a little money saved to know what they should do. Hence the interest of this profession to which we dedicate an article recently.

#19. Redesign CV

How many people look for a job without even having a presentable CV? There are interesting business ideas for a small village and opportunity around the advice to the person seeking employment. We cite the design of the resume, but in reality, you can do much more, from the preparation of job interviews to the preparation of a balance of competencies.

#20. Works Budget Broker

The number of works will have fallen much by the crisis, but at the same time people are more demanding and seek the best value for money. An interesting profession would be to be a works budget broker. In other words, a person with knowledge of the sector, who receives the request of a private individual or company, and sends it to a whole series of professionals to obtain the best value for money, and to be able to respond to the client’s need.

#21. Sell by eBay for others

More than one person wants to get rid of their old junk to get both money and space at home. But many do not know very well how to do it or do not have time. One solution is to sell used things for others in portals like eBay, through a commission.

Marriage agency business ideas for a small village
Marriage agency

#22. Marriage Agency

After years of Internet and of the triumph of the pages of meetings, it seems something very old-fashioned to speak of setting up a matrimonial agency. However, for many people, the computer is a very cold and unreliable interface, since people can easily lie and cheat. A traditional agency can interview its candidates and offer contacts with greater guarantees. Nowadays Marriage agency is the most fa miller business ideas for a small village.

#23. Aesthetic or Hairdresser at Home

The services at home are both very practical for the customer and very cheap to start up (there is no need for local). This is especially true for service activities such as beauty care and beauty in general. At the beginning of the blog, we proposed an idea the hairdresser at home, and it is still a valid idea today. There are also other options such as bringing the bar home or bring a romantic catering.

#24. Coaching

As you may have noticed, the topic of motivation and personal growth is something that we find very interesting on the blog. In fact,t very recently we explained what coaching is. If it is a topic that you are passionate about, that you have knowledge in psychology or are willing to learn, it could be a business opportunity for you.

#25. Photographer of Popular Sporting Events

Every week throughout the country, different popular races are organized (10 kilometers, 20 kilometers or even marathons). These events bring together not only the professionals who aspire to live from the victories but also a large majority of fans who only seek to have fun and improve their times. A good business idea is a photography company that, in collaboration with the organization of the race, will take a professional photo of each participant during the effort, offering them the possibility of buying it at the end of the event.

#26. Paintball Field

Halfway between sport and entertainment, Paintball is an activity that seduces a large number of adventure fans. The advantage is that you can get cheap land away from the city, so you should not need a very high investment.

#27. Maintenance of Golf Courses

The housing bubble caused the construction of numerous urban complexes with a golf course. You can take advantage of the large number of facilities to offer an outsourced maintenance service, and allow golf course owners to save on the expense.

#27. Online Store Specializing in Sporting Goods

We have spoken several times on the blog. Creating an online store specializing in a sports item with high demand can be a winning business idea. We remember the concept of My ball (which sells only balls) or the proposal we made to create an online store that sold cheap soccer boots.

#28. Football Academy

In a country where football is a way of life, and where many parents expect their children to become media players and millionaires, it is still an interesting option to set up a football academy. Obviously, it is nothing new and there is a lot of competition, but there is room for innovative concepts to rethink the existing offer and propose something better.

#29. Adventure Sports Agency

Many people are tired of always doing the same, and look for sports activities that bring them closer to nature and adventure. That’s why it may be a good idea to open an extreme sports agency. Among its services, we could include bungee jumping, parachute jumping, rafting, canyoning, and many other options for summer or winter

#30. Karting Track

Motorsports also have a lot of hook for the public. An interesting option is to open a karting track. In this case, it is a significant investment, since, in order to offer a good service, an attractive track must be built, which means a significant outlay to asphalt the circuit in conditions.

#31. Personal Trainer

The fashion of the personal trainer is something that comes to us from the United States, but that can have a place in Spain, especially for people with high economic resources. The aim is to create a small portfolio of clients to give private sports lessons several times a week while establishing a fitness program.

#32. Sports Betting Business

Combining the hobby for lotteries and the passion for sports gave rise to sports betting. It is a very old activity, but until recently it was a state monopoly. Nowadays a private business can be opened, although it must be recognized that the conditions for obtaining a license are quite strict (especially those related to the minimum capital of the company).

#33. Nutrition Store for Athletes

Within the business ideas for a small village, related to sports, we must also mention the possibility of opening a specialized nutrition store. It can be a traditional store or an online store, where products that help athletes stay in shape are sold, and where they can give advice on diet and diets. It could be combined with giving classes of payment on some specific aspects of nutrition for athletes.

#34. Pet Shop

It is one of the least concentrated sectors, although chains such as Kiwoko appear to have significant relevance. There are thousands of stores in Spain, and in many areas, there may be an offer, but there is plenty of room for innovative business concepts, and of course to set up an online store.

Walk dogs business ideas for a small village
Walk dogs

#35. Walking Dogs

No investment is necessary to start a dog walking business. To have a minimum quality of life, it is normal for an animal to walk for an hour a day, whether it has a garden or not. Many owners do not have the necessary time or simply can not walk so long (elders). The good thing is that you can walk several dogs at once, and charge a not very expensive service, earn enough money. It is somewhat more viable in large cities.

#36. Specialized Photographer

Those who have tried to take a good picture of your pet will know that it is not easy. If you are skilled with a camera, a business option is to become a photographer specialized in pets. It is undoubtedly a niche activity, but in all animal lovers, there are sure to be enough to make this kind of company profits.

#37. Dog Daycare

For many years there have been residences for dogs, some luxurious to the point of being called pet hotels. But in this case, the idea is rather the adaptation of the concept of childcare. It is aimed at busy people, who do not want to leave their dog alone all day at home, and who prefer to entrust them to professionals who will take care of it while the pet can interact with other animals. It is, therefore, a Daily care from Monday to Friday. It is the best small business ideas for a small village.

#38. Rental of Aquariums

Putting an aquarium in an office can be very relaxing for workers and give a touch of glamor to a company. In the same way that there are rental services for ornamental plants, you can imagine a business based on the rental of aquariums, with maintenance service included.

Pet toys business ideas for a small village
Pet toys

#39. Pet Toys

If you are a creative person and you like to play with animals, you can try your hand at designing toys that dogs and cats can enjoy. The challenge is to produce very solid and safe products for the pet while being able to arouse the interest of both the animal and the buyer (the owner).It is the most attractive small business ideas for a small village.

#40. Search for Lost Pets

For many owners, the disappearance of an animal is a very hard blow, and they are willing to pay a good reward to the person who finds their pet. You can imagine several businesses around it, from the private detective specializing in dogs and cats to the creation of a page that allows users to find their animals and remunerate the people who find them.

#41. Healthy Food for Dogs and Cats

The concern for a quality meal can logically go from human consumption to that of our furry companions. In this sense, a company that manufactures pet food with organic, sustainable and healthy foods could be successful in the market.

#42. Cemetery for Pets

Sometimes, people who have a garden bury their pets there, but usually, do not have enough room, or directly, it is impossible to live in a flat. Obviously, not all animal owners would be interested in having a cemetery for their deceased pets, but it is a concept that has worked in the United States, and that, well thought, could also its place in the world.

#43. Cleaning at Home

Washing a dog is usually not an easy task if you have a garden, but on a floor it becomes a very complicated task, not to say impossible to perform. As taking the pet to a canine hairdresser is usually somewhat expensive, the concept of home cleaning becomes stronger, thanks to a fully equipped van (an idea we had discussed two years ago). It is one of the best business ideas for a small village.

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