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Best 20 Home Based Business for Women and Opportunity

Thanks to the internet, nowadays to start a business we need only good ideas and a lot of dedication to materialize them. However, many times we need a little inspiration to get business ideas. We propose 20 best home based business for women that you can start from the internet, and without a very high investment or specific prior knowledge.

List of Best 20 Home Based Business for Women and Opportunity


#1. eBay Assistant (or other sales services)

This business is to help other people sell their things in services like eBay or Mercado Liber, for example. You must give them information about how much the item would cost, or if the person wants to auction it or sell it, and then carry out the transaction. Many people do not have time to get rid of what they do not use, and you would charge by the commission of what they earn by selling their things.


#2. Editorial services

Here are dozens of service options, which you can offer equally, or specialize in a couple. You can do ‘copyediting’, which is to review dates, places, style, and grammar errors in other texts. Make indexes of documents (you can use some free software) or ‘copywriting’, or writing for companies and advertising. You can be the ‘ghostwriter’ of someone else. And so, you can think of creative editorial services that you can do from home.It is the best home based business for women.


#3. Collections hunter

This service is to go around the city looking for collectibles that many customers are interested in getting but do not have the time to ‘hunt’ them. You will have to go to exchange meetings, auctions, garage sales, ‘unknown’ stores and find what collectors customers ask for.


#4. Translations

If you handle another language well, you can dedicate yourself to make text translations, which is usually a very requested service. You can also serve as a translator for foreigners in your city.


#5. Computer consultant

We are not referring to complex repairs, schedules or technical restorations. We only refer to the daily management of the computer, which you can take for granted, but many people do not yet have. For example, use Microsoft Office, set up a wallpaper, use social networks and so on.


#6. Bring and bring clothes from the laundry

Simple, but great. How many of us do not think twice before leaving and take a garment to wash, then have to go pick it up? You need a vehicle and organize the times, because you will have to take the clothes to the establishments that the clients prefer. It is the most successful home based business for women.


#7. Pet babysitter

It is much simpler than caring for children, and nowadays pet daycare is very expensive, so the demand will be positive. You can choose, at the request of your clients, whether to take care of the animals in your own house or in yours.


#8. Professional organizer

This service saves lives. If you like to organize things, from cupboards to kitchens, this is your job. The professional organizer is the best home based business for women for the beginner.


#9. Pack and unpack

Moving is a headache for many, and you can take advantage of the boredom of others to do your packer or unpacker business. You will probably need a truck if you want to move the boxes, otherwise, the single service of opening and closing boxes works perfectly.


#10. Clean warehouses and attics

Nobody wants to spend the weekend cleaning the garage or the warehouse. But it is a job that may have been postponing and they continue to accumulate things that are not used. You will do some physical activity cleaning, organizing, throwing things, but you will have a good reward.


#11. Home inspector

This work consists of reviewing a house or apartment before your client sells it or rents it, or on the contrary, buys or leases it. You will have to review structural or operational problems and refer clients to contractors for repairs. Maybe you need some knowledge of construction.


#12. Service of mobile repairs at home

If you have a little knowledge, maybe just from experience, how sound equipment, televisions, internet modem, etc. work. You will bail out many, who at eight o’clock want to watch a movie but the TV does not work for them. Suddenly they needed to adjust a cable, or perhaps it is a more complex damage, but it is likely to come first.


#13. Search of records

Through specialized databases, public records, or social networks, you can help clients find old loves, review background or debtors, verify the veracity of a contractor, among others.


#14. Guidelines through blogs or social networks

If you have a thematic account on Instagram or Facebook with many followers, or a blog in which you write, for example, a sport, food, or books, it is a good option to offer your channels to guide. It is not about ‘pure’ advertising, but about ‘testing’ products and then reviewing them, or suddenly appearing eating an ‘x’ chocolate.


#15. Personal buyer

Personal buyers, may or may not choose what clothes, shoes or accessories to buy their customers. There will be cases in which you only have some indications on what to buy, and in others, it will be a surprise. If you think you have good taste or know how to capture other people’s style, maybe this is a business idea for you.


#16. ‘Upcycling’

This business is a kind of recycling, but it consists in reusing discarded materials to create art or other artisan elements. You can offer your service to create useful crafts, such as tables or vases, from recycled materials and sell them to their owners or online. It is the most profitable home based business for women.


#17. Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants do everything an office assistant would do, but at a distance, that is, all the tasks that an important executive or entrepreneur does not have time to do, such as answering emails, serving customers, paying bills, among others. All these tasks can be done from your home through services in the cloud, for example.


#18. Social network consultant

If you have the talent to manage social networks, and in fact, you are popular in your channels, this business is perfect for you. It is not about being a community manager of a company, but about advising other people or companies in the management of social networks and helping them integrate their marketing campaigns into social networks.


#19. Boxes by subscription

The boxes by subscription are a service that is increasing. The idea is that people subscribe, for a fixed monthly or weekly price, and receive a box with products, be they food, beauty, pets or books, for example. One of the most popular aspects of the service is that people are excited to receive new products and ‘surprises’, but they are based on their tastes and interests.


#20. Distance Fashion Consultant

If you think you have good taste in fashion, you only have to offer your opinion to those who are not so sure of how to dress. You can use any text chat or video call service and your customers will go out to the street sure of their appearance. More home based business ideas for you.

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