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Best Global Warming Essay for Students -Writing Business Ideas Part 02

This is the best global warming essay. Earth’s atmosphere is constantly increasing due to the global warming effect, ozone layer degradation, deforestation etc. For the last 8000 years, this temperature was almost stagnant. But as the last 100 years proved that this temperature is increasing gradually. This is the best global warming essay.





Global warming is not a recent disease in the natural environment of the world, it is the symptom of the disease. Diseases are hidden nowadays in the current mechanical production method. The central idea of the production method is that man is omnipotent. The human race is again reduced to a small number of multinational corporations. After the industrial revolution, it is faster to follow the concept of civilization. As long as the nature of human nature is high, there was a similarity to the geopolitical cycle of nature and invisible but secret deep discipline with the production method. Scientific production that can be called Sustainable or lasting.

According to thinker JD Bernal, after coming to the path of evolution in nature, ‘Strega for ecstasy’ with other species of nature is meaningless. That is, if people fight with other species, then others will be wiped out. This truth is already proved. The radiation radiated from the sun is the main source of the energy of the Earth. When this rosemary comes to earth, its wavelength is less. But when the earth is reflected back to the surface then the length of the wave goes up. These long-range waves cannot be returned by penetrating the atmosphere, they absorb some of the atmospheric gas.

These gases are hydrofluoric-carbon, chlorofluorocarbons, perfluoro-carbon, nitrogen oxides, methane, carbon dioxide, sulfur hexafluoride, and some other gas. These gases are called greenhouse gases. Like a greenhouse, the heat of the sun is trapped in the earth’s surface. However, carbon dioxide is increasing in the world, mainly due to the burning of fossil fuels including petrol, diesel, and coal. There are also other reasons. Some examples of lack of energy reduction, waste disposal and lack of scientific methods of processing, lack of energy conservation initiative. Until the industrial revolution, greenhouse gas emissions were very low due to human activity.

But after the industrial revolution, the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has increased due to the burning of fossil fuels, changes in the current agricultural system, the expansion of the industrial factory, the increase in the amount of waste due to population growth, etc. Among them carbon-dioxide -54%, chlorofluoro-carbon-21%, methane-12%, ozone -7% and nitrogen oxygen -6% percent warming. (Writing the next part later). This is the best global warming essay.

Global Warming problem
Global Warming



Natural causes an increase in the Earth’s surface and atmosphere, and this increase in temperature is known as the Greenhouse Effect. The long-range radiation from the atmosphere such as carbon-dioxide, hydrothermal and methane absorbs the atmosphere, and as a result, temperature increases. These gases that absorb long-range radiation are known as greenhouse gases. Temperature increases are essential for living organisms. At present, Earth’s ground temperature is around 15 degree Celsius. Without the greenhouse effect, the earth’s temperature was reduced to -18 degrees Celsius, and it turned into a cold rock like the moon, and consequently, the habitat of the organism was inaccessible. Again, greenhouse gases are not desirable too much. This is the best global warming essay.

Saturn (Venus) is 96% carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which makes the temperature of its surface at 480 degree Celsius, so Saturn is incompatible. 26 percent of the sunlight that comes from the atmosphere through the atmosphere, goes back into space after sunset, 19 percent is absorbed by clouds, gas (ozone) and particles, 55 percent of which can come near the land, reflected from the ground, it goes back into space.  Finally, 51 percent of the thermal power can be near the ground, which is useful for the increase in ground temperature, melting of ice, hydrophobic and irritation.

It turns out, the heat is retaining due to greenhouse gases, so, the greater the amount of Earth’s temperature will increase. Earlier it has been said that greenhouse gases are useful for life and their quantity is determined by normal natural cycle. But problems are being made from their excess amount. Since the Industrial Revolution of Europe in the 1700s, there is an abundance of excess greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. In 1700, the amount of carbon dioxide in the air was 280 ppm (parts per million), it increased to 380 ppm in 2010.

Another greenhouse gas methane increased from 1750 to 150 percent. Scientists began to study how the gas works in the environment since the 18th century. In 1820, mathematician Joseph Fourier conjectured that the heat coming from the sun does not get mixed again, some are holding him. In 1860, Irish physicist John Tindal observed at one point of time that, this is the best global warming essay.t he had a special ability to preserve the heat of carbon dioxide gas. Later, Nobel laureate Nobel laureate Arrhenius led John Tyndale’s work further, and in 1896, he attempted to establish a link to increase the temperature of the Earth with carbon dioxide.

Interestingly, the scream is more about carbon dioxide. But the most abundant greenhouse gas is water vapor! In fact, there is no problem staying in the vicinity. The reason is that this water vapor does not change much in the year, and therefore it is not blamed for raising the warm water. However, the most greenhouse gas in the world after water vapor is the carbon dioxide. And at least 55 percent of greenhouse gases come from carbon dioxide. Here is a noticeable fact that greenhouse gases can hold up to 25 kg of methane, more than 25 times the amount of carbon-dioxide.

But fortunately, a good amount of gas in this region is very low. At present, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, where 388 ppm (parts per million) methane is just 1.8 ppm. On the other hand, 1 kg of nitrous oxide can hold 298 times more heat than the equivalent of carbon dioxide. But the amount of nitrous oxide is just 0.3 ppm Apart from carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), there are also commercially produced hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), perfluorocarbons (PFCs), sulfur hexafluoride (SF6). Commercially generated gases have the ability to retain heat, but their amounts are very low in the atmosphere that they are not considered in their calculations.

# Global warming essay video Tutorial



# Humanity in the face of horrible disasters!

In the first phase (Global Warming – How is it?) Has been shown why global warming is happening. It has also been said that carbon dioxide is mainly responsible for the global warming, although there are many greenhouse gases in the process. So carbon dioxide (simply called carbon only for convenience) is always at the center of the discussion. Now let’s see the greenhouse effect due to the increase in the temperature of the world. It has been seen that the temperature rise in the last 25 years is more than double the previous 100 years. As a result, the natural balance is being destroyed. In 2005, a test showed that the ice in the Arctic Sea melts at a much faster rate.

The Arctic was the warmest in 2007. In 2010, Iceland swept the ice in the fastest. If the temperature of the Earth increases to 1 degree Celsius, then the small glaciers in the Andes will be eroded, and about 50 million people will be damaged, if the increase of 2 degrees Celsius, then four to five million people in Africa will be infected with malaria, if the increase of 3 degrees Celsius, then the crop production will decrease due to rain. 15 to 55 million people will be affected. Besides, ten million to three million people will suffer from nutrition. If there is an increase of 4 degrees Celsius, about 300 million people on the seashore will be affected every year.

As a result of the increase in temperature, climate change is particularly visible. More water is produced from the ocean, which is responsible for strong storms. The creation is very strong all cyclone. In some places, there is a severe ravine, and there is a possibility of storm and flood surplus. In 1980, the global natural calamity was 400, it increased double in 2008, and more than 800. But the question is, what is all due to greenhouse gas? The answer is yes. Because the picture of this natural disorder is mixed with what the scientists are predicting in the light of information technology.

After being formed in 1988 under the supervision of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), about 2500 scientists are studying this effect of the environment. As they have predicted this, the amount of global warming will increase from 2.2 ° C to 6.4 ° C by 2100. This increase in temperature will increase the energy supply in nature. And in the future, the possibility of more severe storms, cyclones, tsunami, and more will be increased. Biodiversity is particularly damaged in this change of temperature. About 35 types of frogs in South America are completely erased due to the climate change. Coral’s existence also threatens the rise of sea level. This is the best global warming essay.

 # Increase in the height of the sea

Increasing temperature increases the amount of greenhouse gas methane in the atmosphere. Although methane is very low in the atmosphere, its ability to preserve its heat is about 25 times of carbon dioxide. In Canada, Siberia and Alaska, there are many methane gases under the ice. Due to the increase in temperature, the methane gas emissions increase. In the last five years, the amount of emission has increased by about 3 times.

About 10 percent of the world’s population, which means 70 million people live at just 10 feet in the sea. Increasing the sea level has a great impact on their life journey. The height of the sea height can be 0.75 to 1.9 meters. The amount of this increase can be higher, depending on how much greenhouse gas is surplus in nature. If only 1-meter height increases, then about 6 crore people in poor countries like Bangladesh, Vietnam, can be badly damaged by losing their homes, landowners. Countries like the Maldives will be completely submerged in the sea. The UN Human Forum has published in a study that so far about 30 million people have been severely damaged by the loss of homes, cultivable land etc. due to climate change. About 300,000 people are added every year. This is the best global warming essay.

 # Civil disobedience of the civilization!

Global warming – Humanity in the face of horrible disasters!) It has been shown why this global warming is happening and how it is threatening us. But we need to know who is responsible for this global warming. It has been said that since the industrial revolution of Europe, the atmosphere is rising alarmingly! The main responsibilities of global warming are those civilized drivers of all the capitalist countries.

Most China (China, Somewhere Wrong!), Then the USA, Russia, India, Japan, Germany, Canada, USA etc. The first country was America, but after pushing towards worship, China overtook the United States on the emission of carbon dioxide. One-third of the emissions of carbon dioxide emissions in China are again associated with exports. China and the United States produce more than 2,000 million metric tons of carbon dioxide each year, and the remaining countries have more than 1000 million metric tons of carbon dioxide.

Historical data is available from 1850 to 2007 The countries which are responsible for the release of carbon dioxide emissions include: United Kingdom, United States, Soviet Union, Belgium, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Canada, Australia, Poland, the Netherlands, France, Japan, Italy, Romania, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Spain, South Korea, Argentina and Iran (UN data). Even the World Bank of the World is not less in the world. According to WFF 2008 report, the energy projects undertaken by the World Bank from 1997 to 2007 will not remove carbon-dioxide as 26 gig tons. China, the United States, India, Russia, Japan, Germany are responsible for almost 60 percent of the total emissions of carbon dioxide (biofuels and cement industry).

This information is based on the official account of those countries. But beyond that, there are some parts of ‘Dark’ that are out of the calculation. Another thing to mention is that the Middle East produces the most crude oil, but they do not have the first 10 countries to emit carbon emissions. Again, China and India are limited by the vast majority of the energy consumers. But the developed countries have an overwhelming sense of concern for reducing the carbon dioxide emissions.

Reinforcements like football pitch are destroyed every four seconds. From 2000 to 2009, 13 million hectares of forest land were destroyed. The need to save the forest of the same amount of destruction that one year is 1.5 years. From 1990 to 2005, Brazil destroyed 42,312,000 hectares of forest, which is equal to Germany. Brazil is the world’s largest beef supplier, and to destroy the livestock for grassland cattle. 40 percent of the ruined forests are in the Amazon, and it hurts the Amazon ecosystem. It can be seen that Brazil under the left hand of the left-hander Lula does not go down to Russia.

Although rich countries are responsible for environmental disasters, their ability to adapt is also high. Oil, coal gas, this fossil fuel is mainly responsible for this environmental disaster. The main consumers of these are the developed world. This coal is the fuel of 41 percent of the current electricity generated in the world. [4] Because it is very cheap and vulnerable, it is being used rationally, whose main consumer is also the developed world. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 1000, scientists have identified industrialized as the main enemies of the environment. In response to these countries, the Kyoto Protocol in Tokyo to prevent the growth of greenhouse gases. But the United States refuses to sign a fourth of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. However, the reduction in the greenhouse gas emissions that were said to be summarized was very little.

All major business organizations of profit-making have taken a stand against climate change. However, the energy companies can be found at the very top of them. For example, Exxon Millions has invested millions of dollars to strengthen the anti-science counterpart ‘Think Tank’. The Institute of Public Affairs of Australia, which denounces this climate change as opposed to the public, is receiving the huge amount of donations from the coal, oil and gas companies of that country. Other rich business organizations deny this climate change because it sees them as an attempt to prevent people’s suffering through their business.

The American ‘Think Tank’ Heartland Institute promotes denial of change in the environment, which offers donations from many business and wealthy individuals. The unacceptable changes in these climatic changes have made a big profit. For example, Ian Paloma has been earning nearly $ 400,000 in two years, only two years from the presence of mining companies, it can be very easy money. US Chamber of Commerce, Coach Brothers, American for Prosperity and Conservative Think Tank Kato Institute, American Enterprise Institute, to mitigate people to change the climate change. Apart from oil companies like the Atom Economic Research Foundation, UK’s Interventional Policy Network, ExxonMobil

Oil and gas companies have been able to extend their hands in politics through their lobbying. It has been found that oil and gas companies spent $ 354 million to lobby in the US government from 1998 to 2004. The famous oil businessman David Koch and his brother Charles invested 55 million US Dollars to prolong the policy and regulations for biocidal warming. From 1999 to 2010, coal, oil and gas companies paid the US $ 114 million to politicians. George Bush took 1.7 million dollars for his election campaign.

These sellers are actively engaged in creating obstacles in the field of environmental movement. In 2007, a poll on climate scientists found that 58 percent of the respondents said they felt political pressure to publish the journal. Between 2000 and 2008, the destruction of biological research was done, to remove the information of the warmth created by the people, even those who overturn climate change, were threatened to destroy their careers. The most obvious is when Bush Rashaan withdrew himself from the Kyoto conference in 2001. This is the best global warming essay.

But after the hurricane Catrina hit in the United States, there was a growing awareness among the citizens about the westerly heat wave. Since its inception, the G8 countries of developed countries have given the highest importance to climate change issue in Scotland’s 2005 conference. After the departure of Bush administration, the world leader in Copenhagen, in 2009, during the administration of Barack Obama, a relatively better Democrat sitting on climate issues, but it also ends without meaningful results.

In the United States, Republicans are traditionally known for denying climate change. But the Democrats are not lagging behind. Because both sides protect their corporate business.] Wherever the right-wing groups of the developed world are in the government or opposition, the most influential people are against the reduction of carbon dioxide. In 2008, the government gave subsidies of 550 billion US dollars to fossil fuel companies. Taxes and other benefits that are given to them inside are implicit. On the other hand, the government spent only $ 45 billion in 2009 for renewable energy! Between 2002 and 2008, the US government subsidized the US $ 72.5 billion for fossil fuel. Between 2005 and 2006, the Australian government spent 9 billion US dollars for producing fossil fuels, of which the cost of coal was 1.5 billion US dollars. This is the best global warming essay.

global warming effect in Iceland
global warming effect



Heating Test Global warming is an increase, over time, in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and the oceans. The theory of global warming postulates that the temperature has risen since the end of the 19th century due to human activity, mainly due to the CO2 emissions that increased the greenhouse effect. The theory also predicts that temperatures will continue to rise in the future if greenhouse gas emissions continue. I am concerned that by 2050 the poles will melt and the climate will change and we will lose a lot of our beautiful nature. This is the best global warming essay.

There are many simple measures that you can take it right now to decrease the pollution caused by global warming. Make energy conservation part of daily sprout. Each time you choose a fluorescent light bulb instead of an incandescent one, for example, your light count decreases and you prevent more than 300 kilos of carbon dioxide from being released into the air during the life of the bulb. By choosing a refrigerator with the Energy Ester label, which indicates that you use at least 15% less energy than the federal requirement, instead of a less energy-efficient model, you can reduce carbon dioxide pollution by about one tone.

The conclusion we must realize that if we continue to destroy what little we have, we will settle for nothing. Because you have to remember that the world will not last forever. But remember that the world is for all to enjoy. {Draw: a} I can prevent Global Warming by checking the pressure of the tires, using less power or disconnecting electrical signals. I can use some bulbs that save 60% of energy. It is the phenomenon observed in the temperature measurements that show on average an increase in the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans in recent decades.

Global warming I will start by giving a brief explanation about how global warming originated. In an adequate proportion, greenhouse gases achieve their purpose peruse increase something disastrous would happen, the temperature of the planet would rise thus bringing a series of disasters. There are 3 factors that make these gases increase the burning of fuels, burning of trees and the increase of the population, which causes that there is a greater demand for food, water, and natural resources

Some may think that this will never happen, but in reality, this is closer than ever. Maybe some will say there is still time to change, but if they want to change they should do it now as time is running out. One of the problems is that it still affects us is that the man still uses obsolete machines, the factories that work with coal and that launch to the atmosphere more than 2,500 million tons of carbon dioxide per year. Another of these obsolete machines is the automobile and this launches 1500 million tons of carbon dioxide per year into the atmosphere. And what is it that brings these actions “global warming”, and this because when caught a greater number of rays will cause the temperature of the earth to increase, causing droughts, shortages of water and fires.

It would also cause more rain, but why? The temperature of the plane would cause the water to evaporate making the water warmer, but this would be a problem because if a hurricane approaches warmer waters the worst happens. The increase in temperature also causes the poles to thaw and as a result more water sweet enters the sea this raises the level of the oceans provoking severe floods, the problem is serious if the poles were frozen and the sea level rose six meters would sweep with places like Florida, San Francisco, Holland, Beijing, Shanghai, Calcutta, Bangladesh, and in Mexico places like Tamaulipas, Veracruz, Campeche, and Tabasco.

Who imagined that the glaciers 18 thousand years ago had the third part of the earth in their frozen hands, these rivers of ice made their way through the mountains, smashed the big rocks and flattened the glaciers began to retreat and change the landscape, the glaciers helped The lakes and the fertile mountains of the Midwest will be formed. Global warming is a term usually used in two senses: It is the phenomenon observed in the measurements of temperature that shows an average increase in the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and the temperatures in the last decades. Anthropogenic theory predicts that global warming will continue if GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions are done. This is the best global warming essay.

The body of the UN charged with the analysis of scientific data is the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). The IPCC indicates that “Most of the observed increases in the average temperatures of the globe since the mid-twentieth century are very likely due to the observed increase in GHG concentrations. Some theories that try to explain the changes in temperature are: The sun is at its peak of activity during the last 60 years, and may now be affecting global temperatures.

The increase in current temperature is predictable from the theory of orbital variations, according to which changes in the gravity of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun and changes in the inclination of the Earth’s axis affect the amount of solar energy that reaches our planet. Warming is within the limits of natural variation. Warming is a consequence of the process of leaving a frivolous period, the Little Ice Age. Sometimes the increase is attributed to the measurements of the bias in the reading of the thermometers of the Meteorological Stations immersed in the waves of heat that have formed the in the cities.

Certain verified data collected from scientific evidence help to understand the scope of the phenomenon of global warming, understand its causes and publicize its consequences. According to an article published in January 2004, global warming could eliminate a quarter of all the species of plants and animals of the Earth for 2050. Studies carried out, show that the decade of the nineties, and was the hottest in the last thousand years. The level of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere could double in the next 30 or 50 years. The most affected countries are the main ones in promoting the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The acceleration of ice flow in Greenland regions was estimated in 2000, which decreases the volume of its ice sheet by 51 km³ / year, although.

The most recent revaluation places the number at 150 km³ / year. Part of the increase is due to a recent acceleration of the melting of glaciers, and it is estimated that its contribution to sea level rise in 2005 reached a value of 0.57mm / year. Indonesia is the country with the largest number of mammals and birds in the world. The danger of extinction as a result of climate change, 128 and 104 respectively. Brazil was between 1990 and 2000 the country in which there was greater deforestation with 22,264 km, five of the 10 countries that most deforested are on the African continent. Some curious facts are: This is the best global warming essay.

Undoubtedly, and endorsed by 3,000 scientists from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the World Meteorological Organization, industrial technologies are the main cause of current global warming. The same scientists concluded that human activity is responsible for global warming thanks to the accumulation in the atmosphere of greenhouse gases, mainly from the consumption of fuels derived from petroleum, excessive agriculture and the improper use of soil. The current concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is the highest of the last 650,000 years.

Some 35% of that CO2 coincidentally appeared in the last 100 years, immediately after the industrial revolution. During the course of this century, the researchers said, the planetary temperature will rise 6ºC only because of greenhouse gases. And there is no need to reach that furnace; the consequences of the overabundance of greenhouse gases are already real chaos: hot earth, fires, hot air, droughts, hurricanes, hot oceans, polar melt, sea level rise, and floods … extinction. And even if it were all nature’s “guilt” and we had nothing to do with it, that’s no reason to sit idly by (or, worse, to throw more firewood), because we really have the power to heal this world, or at least deviate that it worsens.

It is also said that global warming is a natural process that has nothing to do with Man. Although it is true that the planet has its own cycles of warming and cooling, it is a lie that Man has nothing to do with the current situation. Amparo in that is as stupid as going out to kill people because the death is a natural cycle. There are realities: the coal-fired power plants produce two million five hundred million tons of carbon dioxide per year. Automobiles generate another one thousand five hundred million. Do you know how much space a ton of gas occupies? (Imagine 4 billion tons.) Much more than the natural. So do not come to me with that stupidity that Man is not responsible for at the end of this maybe you could say: “but what motherfuckers, are ruining the planet”. This is the best global warming essay.

Error. It’s your fault, it’s my fault. We are the ones who demand the production of polluting energy, the burning of fossil fuels, the cultivation of transgenic foods, etc. We are that monster that destroys everything: Humanity. Do not you believe me? I challenge you to calculate how many trees you consumed in your life and what you plant twice (so you have an idea: you need 17 m2 of forest to make a single hamburger). A single adult tree generates oxygen for 4 people to live. By killing it, it does not only generate more oxygen or absorb more greenhouse gases, but it enters a factory and exits through the chimney to take revenge. Millions and millions of trees do every day.

In Argentina, for example, the annual consumption of paper is 42Kg per person (1 tree). We are 40 million Argentines. In the United States, 300Kg per person is reached. There are 300 million inhabitants. In China, despite being about 1,600 million, they use only 3Kg of paper per person; so we can improve a lot. Some ignorant will say that the warming trend is not within the margins of what is possible to observe (difficulty of generating an average terrestrial temperature for the whole globe due to the absence of meteorological stations, especially in the ocean, sensitivity of the instruments a few tens of degrees Celsius), and therefore does not require an explanation through the greenhouse effect. You can continue to cheat and maybe you say it is someone else’s problem or the scientists will solve it. Here are some simple steps so you can help the planet. Purchase energy-saving lights instead of common bulbs in the long run much less.

Disconnect electrical appliances that you are not using chargers that even if they off continue to consume energy. It reduces the use of air conditioners and heaters, even in the mobile phone. You are going to buy a car, choose one with low-cost fuel consumption and less carbon dioxide emissions per kilometer per year. Keep your car tires well inflated so the engine will make less effort and save gas. Use more public transportation or share the car or use a bicycle. Use less hot water and close the shower while soaping yourself Wash clothes with cold or warm water. Recycle, separate organic waste from inorganic waste, buy recycled or recycled products and give more than two uses to paper, glass and aluminum10. Take care of forests, trees, and nature and participates in deforestation programs. This is the best global warming essay.

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