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How to earn money from youtube views For My Business

Honorable readers, It is presented in front of you by writing and video tutorials from famous blogs and sites from the country and abroad about how to earn money from youtube views by uploading videos. Hopefully, you can become self-reliant in online life by knowing about video marketing from this huge archive.

How to Earn Money from YouTube Views For My Business Profits

YouTube is now the most popular as a video viewing website. The number of social network users is increasingly increasing The new features are added to it. Watch videos on YouTube, as well as share their own videos. Because of this, the reliance on different networks of people of different occupations and classes is also increasing. Now discuss about how to earn money from youtube views.

# First Question: How Do You Open Accounts On YouTube?

Answer: Very easy, create a Gmail account. With their proper name, age and phone number. Log in to YouTube with this account. There you will find ‘Create Channel’. Create your own channel through him. Add a good profile picture and cover photo. And upload any footage you create on your own camera. Well, 50 percent of your work is ready.


earn money from youtube views for extra income
earn money from youtube views

# Second Question: I uploaded The Video But The Money is Not Coming.

Answer: To make money you have to ‘Monetize’ your video. Click on the video manager of YouTube, and click on the channel-e in front of which there will be a list, where you will get the monetization. From here you will have to activate your account. (It is not possible to write the correct way of activating it, try it manually and follow the steps).


# Third Question: Can I Upload any Video?

Answer: You cannot upload all videos but you can earn money from all the videos. If you have videos or audio from any other movie or TV, even if you have any other video or audio in your video, then YouTube can block you instantly and you will never have to open AdSense account in your own name in the future. Can not


# Fourth Question: I Sing a Song by Singing a Song in the Function of the Neighborhood, can I Upload it?

Answer: In this case, the video is your own, but since the audio is someone else you cannot earn it from it. Remember, you will not accept any other song you’ve sung on YouTube.

# Fifth Question: What Kind of Videos is Possible to Make Money?

Answer: There is no correct answer. Research says the sex video is the most viewed on YouTube, but it is very risky. If you notice YouTube, or if someone reports your video then your channel is likely to be blocked. However, a lot of sex video is seen on YouTube and they continue to go live. In this case, for some companies, YouTube pretends not to see it occasionally. Only YouTube can tell you what to do with your video. It is a good idea to not upload excessive sex videos to excess money.


# Sixth Question: How Much Money is Possible?

Answer: There is no correct answer. The main source of income from YouTube is the view. The more video the video gets, the more money it earns. However, it is possible to earn approximately 1 to 5 dollars per thousand in every 1000 views.


# Seventh Question: What is The View of the View?

Answer: Let’s say the ad that comes to your videotape, it’s about 1-minute head. Now your video has 5000 views, but about 3 thousand people may see your video less than 1 minute. If you have a view of 5000 views, then only your eyes will be seen as 2,000. The only thing that has been seen in the main view is by clicking on ‘Analytics’.


# Eighth Question: When Money is Possible to Earn?

Answer: Your AdSense application takes two to three days to be applied. Once you become provoked, your income starts.


You Tube Business ideas
You Tube Business

# Ninth Question: When will I Get Money?

Answer: You will not receive the money as long as your income level is $ 100. For $ 100, a letter from Google will appear in your home and you will have to give your bank account details such as bank name, account holder name, swift code etc. with a code number. Your bank account must have the name and address associated with the name of your Gmail account, otherwise, you will not receive this money. Therefore, use the same address as the bank account and the address given at the time of opening the account.


# Tenth Question: How much Money will Come Soon?

Answer: YouTube is basically a medium where people share their videos. The site does not earn the initial million dollars. So if you open the YouTube channel, then you will be disappointed. You have to be patient to get money from YouTube. It may be a year or more to get your first money but once the money starts coming and you can give at least 10 thousand views per day, you will not have to work anymore.


# The Last Question: Can Everyone Earn Money?

Answer: Anyone who is 18 years old can earn money with his own basic video. But the video of how popular your video is depends on your skill and your fate. Many people who earn hundreds of thousands of rupees each day with their pet cats, many people who spend money on their own can make a lot of videos and cannot earn a single dollar. So, if you can manage your YouTube account correctly, it’s not impossible to how to earn money from youtube views. Now at the end of the articles, we know how to earn money from youtube views.

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