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How to Start 1 to 99+ Gift Shop Business with Low Investment

Bangladesh is a small country, but her population is huge. In Bangladesh, many kinds of business grow up quickly day by day. Every business has some risk, but every people want to succeed in business. I think 1 to 99+ gift shop business is the perfect business ideas for a businessman. It is a low investment business idea but highly profitable business. In 1 to 99 business shop all the product value within 1 taka to 99 takas. Let’s go and discuss these business ideas.

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How to Start 1 to 99+ gift shop Business with Low Investment

# 1. Collect Capital

At first, you need money to start your 1 to 99+ gift shop business. You need about 1 lac, Taka, to start this shop. Capital is called a life of a business. You can collect this money from Bank Loan or other.

# 2. Select Location

After collecting the capital you need to select a location for your shop. Your business success depends on select the perfect position for your shop. If your shop location is in crowd market or crowd place like (school, the college) you can success your business. So select location is the best reason for business success.

# 3. Rent a Shop

After selecting the location, you need to rent a shop for selling products. The shop does not need a very big, it needs one room for the 1 to 99 gift shop business.

# 4. Buy Shop Goods

Rent a shop you can buy shop products. When you buy your products, you should obey the rule of 1 to 99 business rule, such as buying all the product within 1 take to 70 takas. Buying product ability is depended on your business success.

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# Where can we find these Products?



              Place of Shop


1    All Product                        Saver          Dhaka
2    All Product                      Gazi Pur          Dhaka
3    All Product                     Gulistan          Dhaka
4   Few Products              Picture Place More          Khulna
5  Few Products                     Zero Point          Khulna


# 5. Fixed the Product Value

When you complete buying your goods, then you can start to fixed your products values. It is more important for your 1 to 99+ gift shop success.

# Fixed the Some Product Value Chart 


Products Names


Buying Rate Taka

Selling Rate Taka

Profit Value Taka

1 All types of Toys      1       (40-80)       (60-99)       (10-20)
2 Showpiece      1       (40-70)       (50-99)       (10-15)
3 Sports Goods      1       (60-70)       (80-99)       (10-20)
4 Gift box      1       (40-80)       (50-99)       (20-15)
5 Perfume      1       (40-70)       (90-99)       (10-20)
6 Clothes      1       (40-85)       (50-99)       (10-15)
7 Other Goods      1       (01-80)       (01-99)       (05-10)

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# Which Product Can Sell in 1 to 99 Shop?


 Products Name

                                                   All Products Types

1    Sports Card, Top, Tennis Ball, Hockey bat, Chess, Small Football, Ludo, Marble, Kite, VolleyBall, and Racket bat etc.
2 Dress and Garments Banion, Napkin, Slipper, Umbrella Shirt, Hat, Cap, Glove, Towel, Tap, Button, Belt, and Screen etc.
3 Household Articles Jug, Pan, Kettle, Glass, Scissors, Fork, Spoon, Comb, Knife, Dagger, Picture, Basket, Broom, Lock, Plate, Bag, Rope, Wall clock, Scales, Mirror, Cup, Bucket, Tray, Brush, Cutter, Utensil, Lamp, Box, Bottle, Candle and  Tub etc.
4 Perfume products Alien Perfume, Angel Perfume, Bright Crystal Perfume, Crystal Noir Perfume, Demeter Perfume, Eternity Perfume, Euphoria Perfume, Jean Paul Gaultier Perfume, Jimmy Choo, La Vie Est Belle, Light Blue, Lolita Lempicka, Obsession Pink Sugar Shalimar Versace Eros, Viva La Juicy, White Diamond
5 Showpiece Household Articles, Furniture, Gift all products.
6 Gift box Glorious Gifts, Heaven Sent Gift Delivery, Secret Admirer Florist & Gifts, Artsy Antiques and Gifts, Sandy Hills Souvenir Shop, Clara’s Cupboard, The Flower Pot Florist, Heart of Gold Gifts.
7 Other Products Grindstone, Nut cutter, Saucer, Razor, Thread, Needle, Soap, Soap Case etc.

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At the end of the articles, I think all of the visitors like this business ideas, because this is the best low investment and highly profitable business ideas for an entrepreneur. If any question about this articles please comment and also share this articles. Thanks all for reading.

# 1 to 99+ gift shop video Tutorial

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