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How to start an eBay Business Step by step for Beginner

If what you are looking for is a business without leaving home and that is also very profitable, eBay is surely the answer you expected. eBay is the largest Internet auction site in the world and many people have developed interesting and lucrative businesses around this company. Let me tell you how it works and probably in a few minutes you are ready to start your new business selling articles online. Let’s go discuss how to start an eBay business step by step.


How to start an eBay Business Step by step for Beginner 

# What is eBay?

Evey people want to know how to start an eBay business step by step for the beginner. eBay is a business concept created in the late 90s as an auction site. Its creator, I think of it as a platform through which people could offer their articles for sale, whatever they were, published in an auction system. The auction allows several interested parties to see an item and offer a sum of money to buy it is the final buyer who offers the most at the close of the auction. The concept worked so well that nowadays, millions of articles of all kinds are published around the world and thousands of sales are made daily.


# What does eBay earn?

Very simple, in the first one the publication of an article has a minimum cost more or less a couple of dollars, and additionally eBay charges a percentage commission if the article is sold, with which they also have a big business taking into account the number of items that are promoted. Additionally, if you want to make use of some advantages at the time of publication, you pay some additional cents.


#What can be sold on eBay?

You can simply sell anything from autographed photographs of artists, video games, cars, strange artifacts, exotic perfumes, etc., to mention just a few examples of clothes, toys, spare parts, appliances, books, and any other item you can think of. In fact, it is said that the rarest items you can imagine have been sold at very good prices, such as the slice of bread that had the image of the Virgin that was sold for $ 28,000 dollars, a kit kills vampires of the eighteenth century that was sold for $ 2,000 or even the 18-year-old British girl who sold her virginity for $ 1,000 . You also earn money by youtube business.


#What is your business?

Let’s get to the point now. The business on eBay basically consists of promoting items for sale, especially if they are used or second-hand items since they are the ones that can be offered at more attractive prices. Some people even make agreements with wholesalers to offer certain (new) items at special prices that can be successfully marketed on eBay. If you want to start familiarizing yourself with the system, you can sell some used items of your property that you consider salable, you put a base price and soon you will receive offers from the hundreds of thousands of users who visit eBay auctions daily.

Obviously, since the site is international, you should consider sending the shipment within your sales conditions, which you should not worry about because the items are usually paid for by the buyer. What you will need is to approach a shipping company type DHL, UPS or similar to request specific information of the costs to send the articles to certain regions in such a way that you can make it specific in the publication of your article. Ready, once published, the item is automatically sold to the buyer who makes the biggest offer (within the price limits you set). Then, the buyer sends you the payment money and once you have the check in your hand, you send the item. Easy!

#As simple as it sounds!

Of course, although it is a relatively simple and easy to learn system, like any business, it has important aspects that must be taken care of and respected so that everything works properly, among them, one must be responsible with the shipments and comply with the letter with what is offered in the description of the article. This has to do with the characteristics, general condition and operation of the article when applicable. The eBay auction system includes a rating mechanism for the buyer and the seller.

You qualify the buyer and he qualifies you in such a way that other people can know who they are doing business with, so maintaining a good reputation is the absolute guarantee of more and better business. Additionally, eBay was conceived in English, so it will help you a lot if you can do it in this language, but do not worry, but you speak English, you can make use of eBay subsidiaries in Spanish such as MercadoLibre.com or DeRemate.com. Then we know that how to start an eBay business step by step

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