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New 30 Hot Small Future Business Ideas 2020 and Opportunity

The future business ideas 2020 will come from good ideas for setting up new and innovative companies. Maybe one of the most successful concepts is around here, in one of the concepts exposed in the blog. If you want to succeed in your future business, you must follow this business idea. Here are 30 best business ideas for the future. I think this article helps you to decide about future business ideas. Every man wants to do something, such as there business, job, and other tasks. I think business is better than any other tasks. Let’s go and start reading.

List of 30 Hot New Small Future Business Ideas 2020 and Opportunity

#1. The Seasonal Store

The seasonal store is the future business ideas 2020
The seasonal store

One of the first future business ideas 2020 that have come to mind when I started this blog is to create a seasonal store. It is a store that sells exclusively seasonal products, such as toys and gifts for Christmas, romantic details on Valentine’s Day, beach material in summer, etc. It is still a very general idea, but try to answer a very simple question: How to do so that sales are kept at a very high level throughout the year?  The answer that I propose is very simple too: selling what is sold at this time of the year. What the hypermarkets do several times in an exercise (occupy the central part with products during the return to school or Christmas) would try to reproduce it, but on a larger scale: that is, the whole store.

For it to work, it would be necessary to define the 6 to 8 major commercial periods of the year, choose very carefully the products of each season, and have very close negotiations with different suppliers to have competitive prices.  And maybe decline the issue with a sales website. If we accept that this concept can work, the main risk would be to make mistakes in the purchases, since the products would be on sale between one and two months, and would be very complicated to take out afterward. Read More…

#2. A New Concept of the Store of Arrangements

I present another future business ideas 2020, a store of clothing arrangements a little different. Many men and especially many women have had this unpleasant experience during shopping: you find clothes that you like very much, you find your size, but it stays tight on the shoulders, wide at the waist, and finally, feeling it a lot, not the purchases. Well, the idea is to have a small repair shop specially dedicated to making the model look good on you.  It would be located in large shopping centers and would try to have agreements with the main stores (thus they would sell more as well). As many people do not think about this possibility, and the great job would be to make themselves known, but precisely the agreement with the stores could be the way to promote themselves.

#3. Playful Farm for Future Business

Many people want to return to nature, and the success of rural tourism in recent years proves it. In this case, the idea is to go further, involving people in a very special experience. Milking a cow, preparing a cheese, making bread, jams, shearing sheep etc. There are two ways to mount it. The first is with a strong investment, buying a farm (although prices can be very cheap since in some parts of Spain such as Galicia and Asturias, many towns are disappearing and there would be opportunities). The other option is to associate with several farmers in the area and assemble a pack of services. Of course, many factors should be taken into account, the most important being having a fairly quick access to some important cities.

#4. An Energy Consultancy

Another very interesting option is to do a consultancy to improve energy consumption, especially in electricity issues, focusing on individuals and neighborhood communities. For example, there is a device that, properly installed, saves 15% of the light of equipment that is always running (such as the refrigerator). Another device allows you to follow consumption live, even though the internet, and thus better manage consumption. Not to mention the many people who do not have low-energy bulbs yet. This consultancy could also address issues of water consumption reduction. Still, in many communities in Spain water consumption is common, and doing it individually saves a lot. It is the best future business ideas 2020.

#5. Mobile Cleaning for Dogs Business

To tell the truth, this idea is not mine, but from a friend who told me about it years ago and I thought about it recently. It is about proposing to the owners of dogs a service of cleaning and shampoo mobile of his pet, using a van of average size. In my opinion, the target is the people who live in a flat with their dog. The two main advantages for the client: no need to move and no inconvenience is caused in your home. After a small search on the Internet, a similar service exists in the Barcelona area (Brutus Mobile Wash). It is the best future business ideas 2020 in the world for the beginner.

#6. Consulting Cost Reduction

Consulting cost reduction is the future business ideas 2020
Consulting cost reduction

It is not the sexiest activity, but at the moment the potential customers are numerous, particularly in Spain. There are two markets: individuals (through advice, a sale of help books, website, etc.  and companies. It seems more reasonable and profitable to deal with the market of companies. The possibilities are many (check invoices from suppliers to identify errors, renegotiate contracts, start-up monitoring indicators, etc. The fees would be a percentage of the savings achieved. Consulting cost reduction is the best profitable future business ideas 2020.

#7. Sale of Clothing at Home for the Elderly

Again, it may not seem like the happiest business in the world, but the market for the elderly is continually growing in our aging economies, and this type of trade has a future. This involves touring the nursing homes, doing a specific communication campaign, but I think it can finally be quite rewarding, bringing fashion to people who cannot or do not want to move. It is one of the most future business ideas 2020

#8. Put a Company to Import and Export

International trade is one of the oldest human activities, however today more than ever it continues to offer great opportunities for business creation. For a person with good judgment, it can be a way to earn a lot of money quickly. That’s why we dedicate today’s post to the business idea of importing or exporting. It is an advantage to know languages (especially English), although Spain has the advantage of sharing the language with most of the countries of South America. It is also important (although not essential) to know the countries with which you are going to trade.

This knowledge will make it possible to identify potential markets, for example by importing into Spain a good product that has proven successful in another country. On the other hand, it is highly recommended to be trained at least a bit in international law and to be very careful when choosing partners. The distance and differences between the laws of different countries can cause bad surprises. There is a crisis in Spain, but Asia continues to grow at a dizzying pace, and the rest of Europe is already recovering, so international trade is a very good option.

#9. Different Travel Agency

During some trips to America, I realized that there is the possibility of creating a travel agency that would propose an offer different from the others. To give an example, Peru has much to offer apart from Manchu Picchu, just as Ecuador is not limited to Galapagos. Creating personalized and specialized tour packages could be good business. It is not about fighting against the big generalist companies like Martians or Halcyon Vitiates, but about finding a more specific positioning. A travel agency is the most successful future business ideas 2020

#10. Low-Cost Store Business

In these times of crisis, bringing a low-cost concept to a type of store where this activity does not exist could be a unique opportunity. To take an example, I’m going to talk about opticians, since I’m a little familiar with this business. It seems to me that in this sector for example (and there are many more to investigate) a truly low-cost offer has not been considered. Most brands use temporary hook offers, but in a few models, and the most beautiful models are more expensive, or directly expensive (the ads we see every day on television do not reflect reality).

#11. International Real Estate

World or Spain is sinking into a very deep crisis, particularly in the real estate sector. After years of madness on the part of promoters and banks, we witness the opposite: there is little demand and banks have become stricter. The consequence is a drop in prices and a very slow market, with many houses for sale without buyers. For those who speak languages and as the crisis in other major countries in Europe has been less harsh than in Spain, I think there is an interesting market for investors and foreign tourists.

Spain may be in crisis, but it will continue to have an enviable climate for French, Germans, Dutch, English. Prices are returning to much more reasonable levels (and will continue to fall), so they will become very attractive to citizens of countries with greater purchasing power.

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#12. Electronic Commerce Business

Nothing very original perhaps as a business idea, but even if the Internet bubble exploded in the early 2000s, it is clear that online commerce has spectacular growth year after year. The competition is very hard, but with a good positioning and good reference, the immediate market is the national one. The fixed expenses (rent of a local for example) become variable expenses (logistical expense), directly linked to the level of activity (this is also the case of some advertising expenses). Last year, despite an unfortunate economic situation, e-commerce grew 30% in this country, so any online store on any concept has the potential to settle and be successful. Of course, this requires important work and good service for the future business ideas 2020.

#13. Men’s Gift Shop Business

Just think of a classic store and study its adaptation to the online market, providing more services and more facilities to the customer. You have to take special care of the information about the product. Read More…

#14. Training Center for Adults and Children

More than true future business ideas 2020, it is an idea with a certain charm. It is about making a small training center where the elderly and the children can learn together. For example, children would help older people with IT issues, and older people could support grammar. It would allow a meeting place between generations, at a time when links between generations are weakening.

#15. Custom tailor low-cost Business

In Spain there is already a tailored concept of a tailor, I do not know if it is a franchise but in many cities, you can see the shops of “Artesanos cameras”. But this service is not cheap and few people can afford it, or if they do, it is for a special occasion like a wedding. But if this service is expensive, it is because labor is not cheap and know-how is paid. In order to offer this service at a lower price, but with an acceptable quality, I believe that it could be done by outsourcing manufacturing to another country.

The customer comes to the store, a tailor takes the measurements, these measurements and the chosen fabrics are sent to the manufacturing site, and after a sufficient period but not too long (say two weeks), custom clothing would be available. It is not the most flexible system, but if you can offer customers a quality and tailored product at a competitive price, it should not be a problem. Obviously, a guarantee should be given: if the client is not satisfied, the local tailor arranges the clothes free of charge, if it is not possible, the money is returned. It is the great future business ideas 2020.

#17. Sell decorative paintings

We have all seen these large corridors of the hospital, hotel or other businesses, without decoration or simply in bad taste. The idea of these future business ideas 2020 is to market paintings (or posters framed in a beautiful way) to decorate these large empty spaces. With a little good taste and a limited budget, the possibilities of exploiting this niche market are interesting.

#18. Sell kits (an example of health in GB)

An English company has renewed the concept of packages by creating themed health kits sold in hypermarkets (for children, travel, home). The idea can be adapted to other markets where packages already exist (such as DIY, repair of bicycles). It is the best low investment future business ideas 2020

#19. Sell stickers to differentiate IKEA furniture

The problem with IKEA’s success is that when you go to friends’ houses, you find that they have the same low lounge table or the same bathroom closet. The solution was found by a New Zealand company, selling stickers adapted to this furniture that make them unique and original.

#20. Internet image management

More and more people are using the Internet, and with the growth of this fabulous tool, problems have appeared that at first had not been raised. One of them is undoubted that the information can be stored for a long time on servers, and available to anyone who does a search for us. For example, we may have made an ironic comment in a forum years ago, which today would be very bad if it were in the hands of a human resources company. Or we have forgotten some photos of the beach that we carried in our time in our personal space of a social network. Depending on the care we have taken, any information can be visible just by typing our name into Google. These examples are from individuals, but for companies, it is also very important to be aware.

For example, it is possible that our competition is making slanderous comments in the anonymity of a forum, or that they continue to appear in Google products and services that we no longer offer. To solve all these problems, new companies have appeared, which manage the image of people and companies on the Web.  They look for the available information, inform us and propose solutions (requests for data deletion), demands, etc. With increasing information, it is very likely that these professionals will have a lot of work in the future. International image management is the top future business ideas 2020.

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#21. Optimization of space at home

The human being tends to accumulate things and not wanting to separate from them, however old and useless they are. The consequence is that we always need more space, more cabinets, and increasingly larger floors. But obviously, the solution is to rationalize and throw. If one does not have the time or does not have the organizational qualities necessary, there are companies that provide this service. For years now, there have been professional organizers in the USA, but in Spain, it is something newer. I put here an example link.

#22. Advertising in recyclable shopping bags

Recyclable shopping bags is the best future business ideas 2020
recyclable shopping bags

If you have been to Carrefour in recent months, you will know that this company, in a gesture for the environment, has decided not to give plastic bags in their boxes. Now he charges them, I think 5 cents. The customer has two options: either pay or bring a reusable bag (Carrefour sells for € 0.5). But many times the customer forgets to bring the bag or does not have it because he had no plans to buy, which forces him to pay. The future business ideas 2020 that I propose is to launch advertising on a new support, recyclable paper shopping bags, and distribute it for free in all Carefree in Spain.

It would not cost the hypermarket chain anything, it would still be an ecologically sustainable method, and it would solve the problem for many customers. And the market is not limited to Carefree, there is more chain that or for prices or environment charge the bags. Of course, the key is the economic viability of the idea, that is, how much it would cost to produce and distribute these bags with advertising and what would be the income that the campaigns could generate.

#23. Website to share clothes measurements

Website to share clothes measurement is the best and upcoming future business ideas 2020. Knowing the measurements or sizes of clothing for a gift is very complicated. Who has not met more than once giving away a sweater too big or too small? It happened to all of us at least once, well giving away, well when they gave us some clothes. Today an interesting idea found on the Internet is to share the measurements. As we were saying before, the problem occurs especially when clothing is given away. If you do not go with the person who will take it, you risk that it does not fit and you have to change the product again, which is not practical at all.

Another problem is when you buy online, even for yourself, because we do not remember our exact measurements, and the practical aspect of being able to acquire something online is lost if we have to spend some time looking for the meter to check our size. A very good solution to the problem is to create a web page where the registered people register their measurements, their tastes, and their desires so that there are no more disagreements. The content would only be accessible to other authorized persons (friends, family). For obvious reasons, this page should be accessible from the mobile, via an application.

#24. Supermarket for seniors

Supermarket is one of the best future business ideas 2020

Demography does not deceive: throughout Europe and especially in Spain the percentage of older people in the population will continue to grow for many years. There are many future business opportunities around this sociological category, such as home care or nursing homes. But let’s talk about the concept, which already exists in Germany: a supermarket for the elderly. Everything is designed for your comfort, from buses that can pick you up, to wide aisles, shelves with products at an accessible height, information and prices written in large print, specific products (from large-key phones to earphones). I always think that the concept of a store can be transferred to the Internet, so you can also bet on a sales website that is specially designed for older people, with large print, very easy steps. And for the many who distrust using their credit cards online, we would find alternatives.

#25. Prepaid card for fuel

The price of oil increases, and the price of gasoline and diesel in the pumps also. It is a problem for many people, since traveling by car is essential for many tasks such as going to and from work, shopping, taking and picking up children to school, visiting clients, etc. A solution? Sell prepaid cards for fuel. The customer buys at a given moment a number of liters of fuel (for example 500 liters, to refuel about 10 times) at an amount fixed for the day of purchase, and without a time limit for consumption.

Then use the card as a means of payment in the service stations until the balance is exhausted. We can also think of a system of installment payments for large amounts. The sale price of the liter would obviously be lower than the price of the day, but not in a very large proportion. How could it work? First, you have to negotiate with a network of service stations (or several networks) a discount on the consumption with respect to the price of the day.

A part of this discount is given to the customer (to have an attractive price), the other party covers the management expenses and the cost of the price risk coverage, through a financial instrument similar to that of a foreign exchange hedge. In effect, it is unthinkable to assume the risk of price volatility, and more so when it can be anticipated that the customer will tend to buy many liters when market prices will be low.

#26. An improved virtual cemetery

Virtual cemetery is the best option of future business ideas 2020,
virtual cemetery

I know, virtual cemeteries already exist, and since 2000, too, but the idea that has occurred to me is not the same as what already exists today. I do not remember very well because, one day I thought of a web page that would be called elotrobarrio.com, and from there in virtual cemeteries. I had no idea that this already existed, so before looking at Google let my imagination run and I thought of a place where you would leave the things you want to be remembered for posterity. And there is precisely the great difference with what exists today. Nowadays it is the best and upcoming future business ideas 2020.

The pages that I have seen so far deal with the deceased a posteriori, and with the subjective vision of others. As everything happens after death, everything is in the hands of family and friends, and not the individual. That’s been like that all of life, but today’s tools allow you to change it. Other services, including payment, would be included, such as hiring the possibility of deleting any other trace on the Internet, in an operation similar to the one mentioned in another article on the management of the image on the Internet (Two new business ideas: management of image on the Internet and Professional Organizer).

Indeed, it is quite unpleasant for relatives to see nonsense about the loved one still active in many places. This, of course, would need the previous approval of the deceased, within the options of his profile. It is not the happiest idea for the blog, but unfortunately, there will always be a market, and the use of the Internet is causing us to have a lot of information disseminated.

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#27. Sell unconventional experiences

It is a feeling shared by many. The need to test your limits thanks to unusual experiences. Perhaps there is a way to take advantage of it legally and safely, by providing new leisure services. The reading of an article published in Spring wise about a French company that organizes the kidnapping of its clients in search of strong sensations has led me to think that the concept could be extended to non-conventional experiences. I already spoke in another article of my interest in the Smart box model (An interesting concept: give experiences), but in the field of commercialization of experiences, the possibilities are almost endless.

If there really is a need to disconnect, then why not simply make customers live the lives of very different people? A lie wedding, live a day in the street or on the contrary as a millionaire, get lost in nature in a neighboring country of different language, etc. Even if it can touch bad taste, it could work. This business was the plot of the movie “The Game”. Sell unconventional is best successful future business ideas 2020.

#28. Device for the clueless of gas stations

A small mistake, a mistake, can cost dearly. That’s why we present the idea of a safety device to avoid throwing the wrong fuel into the car. We have all heard these stories of people who have refueled by mistake diesel instead of gasoline or vice versa. If the person realizes before starting the car, he can still minimize the problem, but if he starts, he is exposed to a very expensive repair. This future business ideas 2020 would solve the problem of some clueless.  Gas stations and car manufacturers have helped with very simple measures to reduce these incidents, thanks to the pre-recorded voices at the pumps: “you have chosen unleaded petrol 95” and the warning stickers on the lid of the tank. However, there are still cases.

In the world of trucks, where some new generation engines need a product based on urea, the risk is to fill a deposit with the wrong product. The solution, which a company could commercialize, is to prevent 100% the risk of error. I see two solutions. The first is that the diesel gun has a different shape and size than the gasoline so that it is impossible to fit the wrong combination. But this involves a lot of investment both in jets and on cars and could be incompatible with the existing park. That is why I propose a second option, which consists of putting some electronic sensors on the fuel guns and a chip integrated with the entrance of the tank.

If the supplier reads that it is a diesel vehicle and tries to refuel with gasoline, it would not allow to take out fuel and a recorded message would say: “you have chosen a type of fuel that is not compatible with your vehicle”. In case of cars without this technology, it would give the notice that it has not recognized the type of fuel of the vehicle, and would allow it to continue refueling, after pressing a key. It is only an idea, and since there is no data on the repair market associated with a wrong supply, it is difficult to assess if the project is viable.

#29. Express bicycle workshop

In the world or other country is participating with a little delay compared to its European neighbors in the process of reintegration of bicycles to cities, thanks to the construction of bike lanes and the implementation of public rental services. So, why take advantage of the future business ideas 2020 of a bicycle workshop? In many cities, it is increasingly normal to meet whole families who are out on the weekend, with their own bicycles. I believe that there is a (growing) market for a company that would be engaged in a cheap and ubiquitous express workshop service in the cities, not in the periphery as what a large warehouse-like Decathlon can offer.

#30.  The Store to Organize your move yourself

When you want to make a move for little money, you look for where to buy boxes. A good future business idea 2020, would be to set up a new store concept in Spain, which sells everything necessary to make a move. It is a concept that already exists in France. Here there is still no equivalent, although there are companies renting storage that partially touch the issue of removals. They are stores that sell everything you need to prepare the move (all kinds of boxes, tape, covers for all types of furniture and accessories), you rent vans and even have an agreement with a self-storage company (rent of storage) if you need it.

They have physical stores and of course electronic store. The physical stores come in handy if you need four more boxes and a tape because you did not calculate well. But to launch something like this, the investment is significant (stores, website, vans), so it could only be done with an economic partner (a classic moving company that wants to diversify or a furniture storage company). It would be necessary to discard to the companies of rent of storage room because they are the indirect competition today and possibly direct tomorrow.

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