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Paragraph Writing | Our National Flag Paragraph For Students

Our national flag paragraph. The national flag of Bangladesh is proud and pride of every people in this country. We got this flag through the independence achieved in a bloody war for a long nine-month period. So our national flag and independence war are related. During the war of liberation, this flag united the people of liberation Bangladesh. The patriot freedom fighters took oath in this window to liberate the mother-mother.

Our freedom has been earned in the blood of the heroic martyrs. The red circle of the flag is, therefore, the symbol of the holy blood of all the patriotic freedom fighters. The national flag is so glorious and meaningful to us. Let’s go and start reading national flag paragraph.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Our National Flag

Although the paragraph does not any blank it is given for the reading benefit of the students. And, given two parts of national flag paragraph for your choice. Which paragraph you like.

# Our National Flag Paragraph 01

# Our National Flag Paragraph (About 150 Words)

The national flag is a symbol of independence and sovereignty of a country. Flags are used as the symbols of each country. The flag is used as a symbol, which is symbolic of any group, party, nation, country or organization, or even a special ceremony. Generally, a little big white or colored fabric is used as a flag. One end of the flag is tied to a bar. The typical color, design, portrait, or symbol used in the flank Bond may have any ideas or messages inscribed. Each state of the modern world has a unique flag, which is considered to be the national flag. Similarly, Bangladesh also has its own national flag, which expresses the independence and sovereignty of Bangladesh.

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# Our National Flag Paragraph 02

# Our National Flag Paragraph (About 350 Words)

All kinds of the flag are not considered as a national flag. A national flag is different from a general flag. A national flag is a piece of fabric with a special color design used as the token of a particular. It indicates the freedom and sovereignty of a country nation. Every independent nation of the world has the national flag of its own. It introduces the country the whole world. Bangladesh is an independent and sovereign country and has a national flag. Her people feel proud of her flag. It is the greatest achievement of our national life. The famous artist Kamrul Hasan is the designer of our national flag. In color, it is red and green and in shape it is rectangular. The ratio of its length and width is 10:6. The flag is green with a red circle in the middle of it.

The radius of the circle is one-fifth of the length of the flag. The green color represents the beautiful evergreen environment of our country. It also symbolizes life and energy, peace and prosperity. The red circle represents the supreme sacrifice of our freedom fighter of the liberation war in 1971. It also symbolizes the rising sun with new hopes and aspiration. The flag is hoisted every day on top of our important government buildings and educational institution. Our president the prime minister and other minister move in the flagged car.

It is kept half-mast during the national mourning day. The national flag always inspires us to dedicate our lives to the greater interest of the country. The national flag plays a vital role in the life of a nation. It separates a nation from other nations of the world. When we see our national flag, our heart is filled with joy and respect. We should take on oath that we must save the dignity of this flag even for the cost of our lives. We never dare to dishonor it nor let it be dishonored. We are proud of our national flag, we respect our flag.

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