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What is Network Marketing Business and What Is Mistake

What is network marketing business? I think it is a multipurpose product marketing method. Basically a part of its profits by selling products to direct customers, excluding middle-class people. In 1958, if the business got legal recognition after getting only 10 votes through the United States Parliamentary Bill, its development would be faster. The business of network marketing or multilevel business models is not new. And although much has been said about them and there are thousands of pages on the Internet that talk about the negative aspects of this kind of systems,

It is also fair to recognize that there are many men and women around the world who, thanks to multi-levels have achieved the desired financial freedom and today enjoy a life much more than comfortable. For those who are not familiar with the term, a multilevel marketing business has to do with the marketing of products through a network of people who support each other to build a residual profit system.


What is Network Marketing Business and What is Mistake ?


This means that to the extent that your partner networks grow in this way, sales and revenues also increase. Generating among them a very interesting dynamic of growth as a whole that translates into great financial benefits. Some of the most serious and successful multi-level companies I know are Quixtar, Avon, Omni Life, Amway, and Markey. (Among other). Of course, not all have the same model and even some of them are considered only direct sales companies instead of network marketing systems.

Hence, a good entrepreneur with the ability to analyze and see beyond the negative comments of people can find in this business alternative a very attractive option that may be the option you are looking to start a low-cost venture and that you demand a few hours of your time. In this post, I present you an analysis as impartial as possible about the MLMs summarized in 5 advantages and 5 disadvantages in such a way that you can draw your own conclusions and decide if this could be one of your potential investment options.

To begin, I would say that in the multilevel market business the products or services are marketed through networks of people who enroll in the system and where each person obtains greater benefits according to the growth of their personal network or the number of referrals they buy. or enroll in the system. Hence its name “multilevel” or multilevel marketing systems. While it is true that the system in its legitimate conception is very intelligent and allows people (as well as the company) to obtain good income, unfortunately bad experiences are the product of

people who in an excessive desire for ambition or “quick wealth” they pervert the systems, causing not only the desired results not to be obtained, but on the way many people are left with a bad taste of having been part of the network of someone who did not know how to lead them to success. Network marketing systems usually require attending meetings, seminars and special events quite often in order to promote a sense of team, positive attitude and maintain an entrepreneurial spirit. While this is part of a corporate culture, many people consider it a nuisance.

If one does not have patience and does not rigorously follow the methodologies and procedures of MLM systems, one is exposed to simply losing their time and money. If you have the patience, you can win both. Unfortunately, there is a lot of pseudo-leader directing marketing networks. People with little tact, preparation and usually with excessive ambitions. It is difficult to recognize who can truly guide you in the right way to build a successful business. Some regular investment is required in books, audio-visual materials, courses and the consumption of products that are part of the system.

This helps to know the products and understand the systems, however, although this is necessary we do not always appreciate the immediate benefit. Many times the network marketing systems require certain minimum sales goals to be met in order to obtain the points and benefits that, if not achieved, cause some frustration in the Independent Business Owner. Finally and by way of conclusion, I will mention that network or multi-level businesses are having great success in several countries in Europe, India, USA and China where people are less suspicious and therefore achieve better results in these ventures.

So if you’re part of a multi-level business or you’re considering being part of one, then your chances of doing well are high. Perseverance, open mind and smart work are key elements in these business models.  And if that were not enough, the Internet means that today there are many tools for prospecting that could trigger your business to unimagined levels. As I always clarify, the fundamental basis for success in this and any network business is to respect the systems and meet them according to the indications of your leaders who will already have a greater experience and vision in this regard. Now, we know that what is network marketing business?

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